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The distinct risk and compliance requirements that set global fund management & investment firms apart in this dynamic industry. Strategies to ensure compliance with an ever-evolving web of regulations & legislation across different jurisdictions & entities. How to gather and…

The importance of ITGRC - and how to ensure alignment with regulatory obligations. How software automation can generate effective board reporting to drive IT risk oversight. How ITGRC data can support business leaders to make informed decisions and forge resilient…

The advantages of switching from spreadsheets to software for risk management. How automating risk management can save time, minimise duplicated efforts, and help the entire organisation to feed into the risk management programme. The importance of a standardised framework &…

The practicalities of implementing these changes to the UK Corporate Governance Code. How to structure your risk, internal control, and ESG reporting in line with the new requirements. How the current COSO and ISO frameworks align. How to prioritise resources…

Understanding SGX Sustainability Reporting: Including the 27 Core ESG Metrics recommended as standard for sustainability reporting. Practical Application of TCFD Recommendations: Integrating climate-related financial disclosures into growth strategies. Camms ESG Offering: A live demonstration of how Camms’ solutions can assist…

Watch our on-demand speaker session where, Todd Davies, presents “The Value of GRC: A Boardroom Perspective”.

This webinar features guest speaker, globally-recognised GRC thought leader, Norman Marks, who discusses his point of view on why risk management needs effective success management.

Why integration is important for GRC maturity? How to build a mature and successful GRC function? And, where do you start? What goes into building and scaling a successful GRC function? Cultivating a GRC aware culture More about the Webinar…

Navigate the common pitfalls that could spell disaster for your GRC software implementation project before you’re up the creek without a paddle.

If you take a GRC approach that focuses solely on meeting legal obligations, you may miss other risk factors that could heavily impact your business and hamper your opportunities for growth.

By simply being in business you are automatically exposed to a myriad of risks. But what are the residual risks you are prepared to tolerate?

Businesses are constantly faced with challenges – from unexpected risks to new regulations and black swan events like the pandemic.

Every organisation must grapple with how it deals with and integrates ESG into its broader organisation strategy. Why? Because your business, like every...

Over the past year, we have watched significant global events highlight the importance of effective and robust risk management strategies.

The key benefits of adopting an integrated approach to risk management Why most organisations don’t integrate risk & strategy How to build a successful GRC function More about the Webinar A recent survey of 500 global board members by EY…

Too often risk managers are so focussed on compliance-based risk mitigation to meet regulatory requirements that they fail to see the bigger picture.

The new Privacy Act amendment, which is set to come into effect on the 1st of December 2020, will introduce some of the most significant changes to New Zealand ‘s privacy laws since the enactment of the Privacy Act 1993.

GRC maturity is a journey and not every organisation will take the same path. Working towards GRC maturity requires steady advancements in leadership

Join Camms and PRMIA New York as three risk management practitioners reflect on their pain points when it comes to managing risk across global organizations.

Elevating Risk Management to Effectively Mitigate Risk and Drive a Higher Return for Your Organisation.

Executives and Boards want visibility of their organisation’s cyber risks and their controls. But who is responsible for cyber risk? And, how can a deeply technical area of risk be reported on in an easily consumed way?

Today’s organisation is in a vortex of continuous change: legal and regulatory change, risk change, and business change.

We are pleased to have sponsored and taken part in one of the latest instalments of the Women in Governance, Risk and Compliance Webinar Series.

Due to its highly regulated nature and regular audits & inspections, the education sector carries its own unique set of risk & compliance requirements.

Today there is more acceptance than ever before that ‘women’ bring different experiences, broader perspectives and skills to the table. But how is life for women in risk, and have they been disproportionately impacted by the global pandemic?

This webinar recognised the very real impact both global and local events have on businesses, and explored why more progressive organisations are linking risk and strategy in order to prepare for disruption!

Understand why executives see risk management as a compliance activity and learn how in-turn to deliver risk management processes that helps boards to deliver organisation-wide success.

Executives and Boards want visibility of their organisation’s cyber risks and their controls. But who is responsible for cyber risk? And, how can a deeply technical area of risk be reported on in an easily consumed way?

Watch our on-demand webinar presented by Camms Principal Consultant, Brad Smith, as he takes you through moving away from spreadsheets to a cloud based solution to effectively manage your risk.

This webinar delves into the benefits of an integrated approach to compliance and explores the key points on how to get there.

Although, ‘safety culture’ is a term that is routinely heard around most organisations, it’s all too often over simplified or misunderstood.

Watch our on-demand webinar presented by Camms Principal Consultant, Brad Smith, as he takes you through the fundamentals in creating, populating and linking KPIs and Scorecards within Camms.Strategy.

Can you say your organisation’s care model is backed by an automated solution that drives better incident reporting and good governance in line with the latest legislative changes?

Too often GRC is managed by siloed departments without considering overall enterprise performance as a key driver.

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