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Our workflow management software offers comprehensive solutions for integrating, automating, and managing a variety of business processes. Alongside our core GRC capabilities and project management software, our smart enterprise workflow automation platform can digitize and streamline any business process, enabling staff to enter information into the platform via simple online forms, tasks and actions are summarized using simple dashboards and leaders can easily report on the data captured and implement workflows and alerts to automate processes.

Automated & customizable workflows

Effortlessly capture, investigate, and report on data through streamlined, step-by-step smart workflow automation to simplify complex tasks.


Utilize our workflow management software to easily monitor update, and report on each process you are managing within the platform.

Flexible & configurable

Our workflow management system allows you to configure forms and workflows to meet your specific needs without customized code.

Simple user interface

Designed for maximum user adoption, our workflow software features an easy-to-use and highly intuitive user interface.

Access on Multiple Devices

Stay connected and manage workflow related tasks on the go, accessible via a range of devices, including a mobile app designed for efficient data capture and workflow management.


Quickly implement our pre-configured workflow tools to address your immediate business needs efficiently and effectively.

Enhance your business processes with workflow automation software

By digitizing workflows and registers, our enterprise workflow management solution can streamline your business processes. With the Camms platform, you can eliminate outdated manual processes, transitioning from traditional spreadsheets and emails to a more efficient, integrated system. Our solution facilitates direct data capture and workflow management through online forms, automates critical operations such as signoffs, approvals, and escalations, and allows you to create comprehensive, searchable online registers. Additionally, teams can establish a robust external portal for efficient third-party data collection and gain immediate insights with our advanced, insightful dashboards and reports.

Automate any business process
Automate signoffs, approvals, and escalations
Capture data via online forms that feed directly into the workflow platform
Bring manual workflow processes online
Eliminate outdated manual processes that rely on spreadsheets & emails
Get immediate insights from your data through insightful dashboards & reports
Establish an external online portal to collect data from third-parties
Create searchable online registers & logs

Streamline any business process with workflow automation software

Asset Management

Automate asset tracking and maintenance to improve accuracy and reduce manual errors, enhancing overall asset lifecycle management.

Cyber Incidents

Streamline response to cyber incidents with automated workflows that quickly escalate issues and coordinate responses, reducing potential downtime.

Threat & Vulnerability Testing

Implement regular, automated testing cycles to identify vulnerabilities swiftly and ensure continuous system security.

Accidents & Incidents

Automate reporting and response processes to ensure immediate action and resolution of workplace incidents.

Emerging Risk

Identify and respond to new risks efficiently with automated alerts and comprehensive risk assessment automation tools.

Opportunity Management

Capture and assess business opportunities using automated workflows to drive strategic decisions and growth.

Conflicts of Interest & Disclosures

Manage disclosures and COI efficiently with automated workflows that ensure transparency and compliance with regulations.

Control Testing

Automate control tests for continuous compliance and operational integrity, reducing manual oversight and errors.

Gifts & Gratuities

Streamline the recording and approval processes for gifts and gratuities to maintain ethics and compliance.

Feedback & Complaints

Automatically route customer feedback and complaints to relevant departments, enhancing service quality and responsiveness.

Vendor Management

Simplify vendor interactions with automated forms and registrations, contract management, performance tracking, vendor risk assessments, and compliance checks.

Contractor Management & Inductions

Optimize contractor onboarding and management with automated inductions, tracking, and compliance verification.

Inspections, Audits, and Checklists

Standardize inspections and audits with customizable checklists that automate data collection and reporting.

Anonymous Reporting & Whistleblowing

Facilitate secure and confidential reporting mechanisms with automated handling and response processes via a discreet online portal to protect anonymity.

Dangerous Goods / Hazardous Chemicals Register

Manage hazardous materials with automated tracking, compliance checks, and safety protocols to ensure regulatory adherence.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Automate health and safety processes to proactively manage workplace wellbeing and safety compliance.

Questionnaires & Surveys

Deploy automated surveys and questionnaires for efficient data gathering and insight generation.

Issues SCI’s & Deficiencies

Quickly identify and address service continuity issues and deficiencies with targeted automated workflows.

Automated Workflow Management Solution Capabilities

Flexible workflows

Harness the power of our process management software to automate your business activities. Whether your need is for simple or more complex workflow development, our tool dynamically adapts and scales to your requirements. Utilize an array of customizable field options to expand each step of your workflow, optimizing for various variables and scenarios.

Centralized registers for streamlined access

With everything recorded through your automated workflows being stored in an easy to use and centralized register, accessing and managing your data has never been easier. Your centralized register, equipped with customizable filters, allows you to effortlessly retrieve the information you need, precisely when you need it.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and notifications system

Stay informed and in control with our workflow automation tool. Set up customized or built-in alerts through email and SMS notifications based on a wide range of trigger events. Ensure critical information reaches the right people at the right time, with escalations managed smoothly and efficiently where necessary.

External reporting portal

Enable vendors, contractors and other third parties to submit forms and complete registrations using our external facing portal. Also, facilitate secure and anonymous interactions for sensitive engagements, such as whistleblower reports.

Dashboarding and reporting

Empower decision-making with our data-rich visual dashboards and reporting features. Built into our workflow management platform, these tools provide comprehensive insights into enterprise and operational performance, enabling informed decisions and enhanced operational oversight. This all integrates with our GRC software and our Project Management tool.

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