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Why reporting cyber risks is essential to combating cyber crime

Aaron Mullins | November 12, 2020

If you’ve been following the news in 2020, and let’s be fair, who hasn’t, you may have noticed – between the headlines of US election drama and burgeoning pandemic numbers – that cyber crime is well and truly on the rise.

From Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison’s alarming announcement in June, that a foreign government had been discovered undertaking “malicious” cyber attacks against Australian government agencies; to the numerous hacking scandals plaguing the 2020 US election race.

But it’s not just the largest organisations who are at risk of cyber attacks – many organisations and businesses moving to work-from-home arrangements earlier this year fell victim to opportunistic cyber criminals, making the most of easy access to remote IT systems.

In September, global IT and tech news site ZDNet, reported that there had been a “sharp rise in sophisticated hands-on hacking campaigns” in 2020, with the first half of the year showing more incidents than all of 2019.

The findings came from a report from cyber security company Crowdstrike, and were based on “potential hands-on intrusions” identified by their research team.

“The first half of 2020 saw 41,000 intrusions, a higher figure than the 35,000 detected during all of 2019, according to the company,” Danny Palmer, author of the ZDNet article reported.

“Hands-on campaigns are based around hackers gaining access to the network – often via leaked or stolen credentials to an employee account or an exposed RDP server – then using the legitimate access those accounts or systems offer to move across the network, gradually securing the means to gain more and more access.”

The high cost of siloed compliance

Brad Smith | October 13, 2020

GRC rolls off the tongue nicely and suggests that all components are working together in meeting the organisation’s objectives.

Camms.Risk Named as GRC Software High Performer on G2 Fall Report

Adam Collins | October 2, 2020

We are excited to announce that our industry recognized Risk Management Software Solution, Camms.Risk, was yet again named as a “High Performer” in the GRC software category by G2 in their Fall 2020 report. This marks the 3rd consecutive quarter in 2020 Camms.Risk has been recognized by G2 in its quarterly Grid report.

Transport and Logistics: The tipping point of 2020 for organisational resilience

Daniel Kandola | October 1, 2020

Transferring products from A to B quickly and efficiently is the name of the game in the constantly moving world of transportation and logistics. Unfortunately, a myriad of variables means this process is rarely as easy as ABC at the best of times – and 2020 is proving more algebra than alphabet. Navigating a clear course within the sector has never been so challenging. Existing risks have been overshadowed – or in some cases accelerated – by an unprecedented global event that has brought the importance of organisational resilience into sharp focus: the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The FinCEN Files: Financial corruption and complicity highlights need for cultural change

Beau Murfitt | September 25, 2020

Major banking institutions have been at pains to stress their determination to overhaul their ability to combat financial crime of late – following a string of high-profile corruption scandals. Unfortunately, these claims appear to be words without substance after a disturbing tale of leaked documents, dirty money, and international crime emerged – one that sounds more like something from a Netflix crime drama than the world of regulatory compliance.

Public Sector: The tipping point of 2020 for organisational resilience

Daniel Kandola | September 17, 2020

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has completely blindsided society in 2020, with devastating effect. But was this cataclysmic event a black swan? It appears not. According to the National Risk Register – an overview of the risks of major emergencies that could impact the UK in the next five years – the threat of a pandemic was firmly on the government’s radar: “experts agree that there is a high probability of another influenza pandemic occurring, but it is impossible to forecast its exact timing or the precise nature of its impact.” In fact, of all the high consequence risks outlined in the register – from severe weather to terrorist attacks – a pandemic was considered to have the highest potential impact.

This threat wasn’t classified information reserved for senior figures in Whitehall; it had filtered down to local government level. Take Camden Council, for example, which – like other local authorities – already had information about pandemic risk fed to them by Public Health England. Camden subsequently rated a ‘pandemic flu’ as a 4/5 likelihood and 5/5 for potential damage on its risk register – proof that more high-profile risks like terror and cyber-attacks weren’t their only focus when it came to organisational resilience.

Defence Sector: The tipping point of 2020 for organisational resilience

Daniel Kandola | September 10, 2020

What a difference a year can make. Cast your mind back to 2019: the global defence sector was on the offensive due to budget increases and military modernisation was the plan of attack, as growing security concerns forced governments to invest heavily in new equipment. So much so that international defence expenditure was forecast to grow between 3% and 4% in 2020 to reach an estimated US$1.9 trillion – driven by increased spending in the US, Russia, China and India.

Financial Services Sector: The tipping point of 2020 for organisational resilience

Daniel Kandola | September 2, 2020

Successful organisational resilience relies heavily on the four sights: insight, foresight, oversight and hindsight. Unfortunately, anticipating and preparing for sudden

Risk management: from spreadsheets to a cloud based solution

Brad Smith | August 31, 2020

Effective enterprise risk management has never been more critical.

5 ways our customers are winning the battle against COVID-19

Warwick Kirby | August 24, 2020

McKinsey & Company published an insightful article in March 2020 – Beyond coronavirus: the path to the next normal.

Kevin Sneader and Shubham Singhal stated, that to win the war against Coronavirus required action across five horizons: Resolve, Resilience, Return, Reimagination, and Reform.

Managing global risks locally in 2020

Brad Smith | August 5, 2020

The impact of the massive global disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020 has been felt in virtually every organizsation, workplace, and household around the world. With or without an effective vaccine, the pandemic’s far reaching impacts will be felt globally for some time to come. 

From a spark to a wildfire: the cost of underreporting risk incidents

Brad Smith | July 28, 2020

We all know that reporting safety incidents in the workplace is essential to managing risk, but with the advent of COVID-19 the relationship between risk and incident has taken on a whole new meaning.

A new look and an exciting new website!

Camms | July 23, 2020

Camms has continually evolved since we were founded in 1996! With nearly 25 years of experience in business software solutions, we have continually invested in making our software right for supporting organizations to achieve their goals.

Camms accelerates its growth and expansion plans in North America guided by new President, Barbara Walker

Camms | July 22, 2020

Camms, a next generation provider of integrated solutions in risk, strategy, projects, and people is pleased to announce that experienced President, Barbara Walker has joined the organization as the new President of North America.

Camms: The brave new world of risk management – Post C-19

Warwick Kirby | July 21, 2020

Nothing highlighted the necessity of integrating your risk management framework with your strategic operations more than the global pandemic of 2020.

Transform your manual meeting processes

Vicky Wright | June 19, 2020

As councils focus on protecting employees, their elected members and members of the community from the ongoing pandemic, virtual meetings have become the norm.

Our ISO 27001:2013 certification

Camms | June 11, 2020

To provide our customers with assurance around Camms' ongoing commitment to information security management, we are pleased to announce that we have recently achieved certification of the ISO 27001:2013 standard for our major offices around the globe. This followed an in-depth set of assessments over the past 6 months including onsite audits in all locations.

& GK Horizons Camms partner to help organizations deliver Strategy, Risk and Project Management

Camms | June 4, 2020

The largest implementation partner of Adaptive Insights in the APAC region, GK Horizons, are trusted by their customers across various industry verticals to improve not only their financial insights but their business agility and overall performance. 

The Key to Successfully Integrating Your Planning and Risk Processes

Brad Smith | June 1, 2020

Today’s climate proves that both local and global events can significantly impact the strategy and operations of an organisation. With key attributes in today’s volatile and uncertain environment being agility and flexibility,

7 Steps for Choosing the Right Risk Management Software

Camms | June 1, 2020

In the context of the current corporate landscape, it no surprise that the concept of risk is inevitable and inherent,

Leading Your Organisation Through Change and Uncertainty by Award-Winning Keynote Speaker Trudy Macdonald

Camms | June 1, 2020

What does it mean to be a leader in these uncertain times?

Maintain the pace; change the focus from reactive to proactive execution

Camms | May 25, 2020

The impact of COVID-19 has presented major challenges to people and organisations around the globe. Business leaders are managing the crisis

The new Three Lines Model: What’s changed from the old model and how can it provide value?

Brad Smith | May 14, 2020

The year 2020 could be characterized by comments like “We didn’t see that coming” or “Well, that escalated quickly”.

Managing your risks through spreadsheets is putting your organisation at risk!

Camms | April 22, 2020

Are you concerned about the restrictions imposed by running your risk management out of spreadsheets?

Adapting to a Changing Risk Landscape in Post COVID -19 World

Camms | April 21, 2020

Tomorrow needs pace, agility and quick decisive management. Today is the day to invest in the right risk management software. Rapid change is a constant in today’s environment.

cammscollege - Powering business success with next generation customer care.

Camms | April 10, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt the business world and organisations are forced to adjust

Key Takeaways from LG PRO 2020 Annual Conference

Camms | February 25, 2020

CAMMS was excited to take part at the recently held LG PRO Annual Conference. As the largest and most notable Local Government Conference in Australia,

The SM & CR Deadline is Now Past, but is your Organisation Utilising the Right Tool to Ensure True Compliance?

Camms | January 7, 2020

How do you manage SM & CR compliance?
SM & CR has been a catalyst for change,

Sustainable Software Development

Yasith Fernando | November 25, 2019

Sustainable Software Development refers to a set of principles and practices which enables a team to maintain an optimal speed in development indefinitely for the sustainability of the development team and ergo, the company.

4 Key Takeaways from RMIA Annual Conference!

Aaron Mullins | November 18, 2019

It was a fantastic opportunity for CAMMS to take part in the RMIA Annual Conference 2019

Our Newest cammsproject Client – Camden Council (NSW)

Camms | May 30, 2019

Camden Council is one of the fastest growing Local Government Areas (LGA) in Australia,

Your Risk Management Guide to GDPR Compliance

Camms | May 25, 2019

Enterprise risk management has a primary objective of ensuring organizations comply with legal and regulatory obligations needed to conduct business.

10 Keys for Executives to Manage Reputation Risk

Camms | May 6, 2019

An organisation’s reputation is highly significant in achieving its goals.

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