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Tools & Techniques to Mature Risk Management in the Education Sector

By Carolina Price |

The Education sector faces its own unique set of risk & compliance requirements. Risks are high as they strive to modernise facilities, keep pace with the latest technology, and protect student safety. Schools, colleges, and universities are also subject to a whole host of legislation, regulatory requirements, and regular audits & inspections – making governance … Continued

Risk & Compliance in the Legal Sector

By Jason Were |

The legal industry is one that is governed by complex regulations and high standards of ethical conduct. With these requirements comes a multitude of risks that law firms must manage in order to maintain compliance and avoid costly penalties. From data breaches to conflicts of interest and bribery & corruption, the risks are diverse and … Continued

Tackling Governance, Risk & Compliance in Charitable Organisations

By Daniel Kandola |

Charitable organisations have a responsibility to use their resources as effectively as possible and comply with complex regulations which is why effective management of governance, risk & compliance is key. In this blog, we explore some of the key risk & compliance challenges facing the NGO/Not for Profit sector and explain how digitising and streamlining … Continued

10 Signs That Indicate You Need an Automated Strategy Planning Tool

By Tom Kerin |

Strategic planning is your organisation’s compass for the future – a business necessity that creates a direction intentionally as opposed to simply reacting to the marketplace on a daily basis. But even the best laid-out strategic plans can fall flat without clear strategic focus, the right execution processes, a well-informed understanding of key challenges, and a … Continued

From Planning to Execution: How to Deliver Successful Projects

By Elliot Gordon |

Most organisations will have multiple projects in flight – from small projects to organise new processes & systems to large scale transformation projects like opening a new site or implementing a new product. The success of these projects will depend on multiple stakeholders working in unison to complete the initiative. Some projects can take months … Continued

How to take the right level of risk to achieve your strategic objectives

By Daniel Kandola |

All organisations must take a certain degree of calculated risk to grow and mature their business. But how can senior leaders decide which risks are worth taking? To make the right decisions they need to understand the positive and negative impact of each choice they make on their strategic goals & objectives. The only way … Continued

10 Signs that your Policy Management Process Needs an Upgrade

By Tom Kerin |

As a business grows, so too does its library of policies & procedures. Has your policy management team gotten noticeably busier? Perhaps policies are becoming mis-managed or out-of-date as a result – leaving the organisation exposed. When it comes to policy management are you still using manual processes like spreadsheets & emails or shared drives? … Continued

Congratulations, Adam Collins: Camms New Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

By Camms |

Camms Group – a leading SaaS provider of next-generation GRC technology solutions– is pleased to announce that Adam Collins has been appointed as our new CEO. Adam joined us back in 2005 and quickly became an integral part of Camms. During this time, he gained a holistic understanding of the business across several client-facing roles, … Continued

10 Signs that Indicate you Need a Better Incident Reporting Process

By Tom Kerin |

How many incidents, hazards and near misses does your organisation experience in a year? Failing to manage and resolve incidents not only puts your employees’ well-being at risk but also the future of your organisation. In this blog, we will examine 10 common signs that indicate you need a better incident reporting process, we share … Continued

Join Camms at the Governance, Risk & Compliance Summit NZ 2023

By Dean Rogers |

The Governance, Risk and Compliance Summit is making its way back to Auckland this February, and Camms is delighted to be a sponsor! Date: Tuesday, 21st February 2023 Time: 8.30am – 5.00pm NZDT Venue: Hilton Auckland, 147 Quay Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand Now that the new year is off and running, GRC … Continued

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