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Find out how the latest risk and compliance management software can support your organization to take an integrated, best-practice approach to GRC.

Industry recognition

Camms’ compliance risk software is recognized by top analysts and highly rated by users, check out our reviews on sites like Forrester, Capterra, G2, Chartis, and Gartner.

Intuitive user experience

We recently revamped the user interface of our risk management and compliance software -making the user experience more modern and intuitive – enabling staff of all levels to feed into your GRC program.

Rapid deployment

Our compliance and risk software can be implemented quickly and configured to meet your individual requirements.

Risk and Compliance Software – GRC capabilities to effectively manage risk and achieve compliance

  • Risks
  • Controls
  • Incidents
  • Compliance
Risk register shown via Camm's risk and compliance management software

Use our risk and compliance software to create an online, searchable risk register, enable staff to carry out risk assessments using online forms, establish a risk appetite and operate within it, set Key Risk Indicators, and monitor risk levels. Implement risk mitigation workflows and run instant reports on risk across the entire enterprise at the touch of a button.

Our compliance risk assessment software enables teams to build a control register, carry out control checks, and map controls back to the originating risks to understand risk levels and control effectiveness.

Our compliance risk management software enables teams to implement a best-practice incident reporting process – ensuring incidents are logged escalated and resolved in a short time frame. In depth incident reports enable companies to reduce the number of incidents and map incidents back to the originating risks.

Use the out-of the-box frameworks available in our compliance management software to build a digital obligations library and streamline compliance monitoring efforts. Monitor compliance against relevant obligations, manage regulatory change, house an up-to-date library of policies, and collect employee compliance attestations – all in one platform.

How does risk and compliance management software work?

Create a risk register

Create multiple risk registers within the Camms risk and compliance management solution using best-practice templates. Categorize and rate every risk according to its likelihood and anticipated impact. The Camms risk and compliance management solution offers unlimited risk registers with numerous risk types and categories, including cyber risk management, vendor risk management, third-party risk management and project risk management.

Build a risk appetite

Our legal risk management software enables firms to establish Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and align them with their risk appetite to ensure risk levels remain within the agreed boundaries.

Build a control library

Our compliance and risk management software offers a best-practice framework for organizations to manage controls and risks in line with widely adopted regulatory frameworks including COSO, ISO 31000, and SOX. Controls can be linked back to multiple risks in the risk register.

Establish risk treatment plans

Our risk and compliance management solution enables firms to build automated workflows to formulate detailed risk treatment plans. Stakeholders will receive automated notifications so they can understand risk exposure and act to lower risk levels quickly.

Evaluate risk

Our risk and compliance management software provides a detailed overview of risk exposure using a wide variety of dashboards & real time reports – which can easily be configured to meet the requirements of each staff members role and responsibilities thanks to a pre-established permissions hierarchy. Lower-level workers can use our risk & compliance platform to fill out risk assessments and control checks online, while executives and board members can view enterprise-wide dashboards & reports on risk levels and risk status to ensure long-term sustainability.

Ensure compliance with regulations, legislation, and internal policies

Manage your compliance requirements by establishing an online obligations library of relevant regulations, standards, mandatory obligations, and policies. Receive notifications of pending regulatory changes straight into the compliance management system via integrations with third-party content providers. Use pre-defined workflows to facilitate a best-practice regulatory change management process to ensure regulatory compliance. Manage your library of policies online to understand live and aging policies and facilitate the creation, approval, sign off, circulation, and attestation of policies – ensuring effective regulatory compliance management.a

Manage & resolve incidents

The Camms risk and compliance management solution enables firms to establish best-practice incident reporting capabilities. Staff can log incidents, hazards, and near misses online and automated workflows ensure incidents are escalated and resolved in a timely manner. Controls can easily be established and linked back to the relevant incidents to keep incident rates within tolerable levels. Incidents can be mapped to any related risks to understand the cause using root-cause analysis techniques.

Schedule and manage internal & external audits

Use the Camms compliance risk software to plan, scope, and schedule your internal & external audits – creating digital forms for staff to log key actions and checks. Use automated workflows and online forms to brief teams and capture audit findings. Report on audit results and view the findings via a series of dashboards and reports. Use automated workflows to implement and document corrective actions.

Why choose risk and compliance management software from Camms?

Quick implementation

Our risk management and compliance software can be deployed quickly so you can start enjoying the benefits. Our go live time can be as speedy as 2 months for standard out-of-the-box implementations.

Easy to configure

Compared to other compliance risk software, our solution is easy for clients to configure. Users can take advantage of our best-practice templates and forms and customize them further to meet any bespoke needs.

Built on the latest technology

Our legal risk management software offers a whole host of GRC capabilities built using the latest modern responsive technology, making our tool stable and very secure with screens that load in less than one second.

Modern user interface

Our leading risk and compliance management software offers a contemporary, intuitive user experience – making it possible for all staff and stakeholders to carry out risk and compliance related tasks online – with all data captured via online forms feeding into the compliance risk software.

Mobile app

Our compliance and risk management software includes a mobile app – enabling staff to carry out risk assessments & checks and perform risk related activities on the go.

Multiple languages

Our compliance risk assessment software is available in multiple language options ensuring staff from all countries and sites can feed into your GRC program no matter where they are in the world – building a holistic view of risk status and compliance activities.

Align risk to business objectives

Choose risk management and compliance software that enables an organization to map risk and compliance to organizational objectives and enterprise performance – enabling firms to take calculated risks and seize opportunities to achieve objectives without exceeding their risk appetite.

Data security & privacy

The Camms risk and compliance management software is highly secure and certified to data privacy and security standards including SOC Type 1&2, ISO 27001, and Cyber Essentials. Our integrated GRC management software offers a detailed permissions hierarchy, end to end encryption, and audit trails to protect data privacy and ensure compliance with security requirements.

API integrations

Risk and compliance management software from Camms offers an API integration library – enabling firms to pull risk data from other spreadsheets and data sources into and out of the compliance and risk software – ensuring a single source of truth for risk related data across all sites and departments.

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Frequently asked questions about
Risk and Compliance Management Software

Risk management and compliance software tools are usually online platforms that enable firms to implement best-practice governance, risk & compliance (GRC) processes. The tools automate risk and streamline risk and compliance processes, cutting out admin and capturing adequate, accurate risk and compliance data – thanks to a variety of data governance rules. The solutions enable firms to build online risk registers and control libraries, conduct risk assessments, and implement workflows and controls to address and reduce risk. This software can also be used to manage regulatory change, provide compliance assurance, plan & schedule audits, and to manage incidents. Leading risk & compliance management software allows firms to map risk to strategic objectives & enterprise performance to understand how risk & compliance obligations impact business operations and strategic plans. Most GRC software platforms offer a variety of dashboards and reports – enabling firms to get a complete view of risk and investigate problem areas as they delve into the detail.

When selecting a compliance risk management software, leaders must consider which staff and departments will need access to the tool and what data and metrics they need to summarize and report on. When scoping out requirements for risk management and compliance software organizations must consider:

  • Are there any regulatory requirements that the organization must comply with that will affect how the GRC program is structured?
  • Does the operational risk management software offer best-practice Operational Risk Management (ORM) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) functionality?
  • How will you categorize and rate risk and what framework, risk ratings and categorization will be used to make risk comparable across different areas?
  • Can leaders obtain a simple view of compliance status against regulatory obligations and industry standards?
  • Can the risk & compliance management software be implemented according to your individual needs and bespoke requirements?
  • Can staff easily implement risk and compliance tasks online?
  • Can the risk and compliance management solution scale and grow with your organization as your requirements expand and your risk & compliance program matures? 
  • What IT security features and data privacy options does the GRC solution offer, and does it align with the requirements of your IT team?
  • Does the compliance and risk assessment software integrate with your other internal applications and systems via APIs to pull risk & compliance related data into and out of the platform to ensure a single source of truth for risk – reducing data input errors? 
  • Which staff and teams will need to use the risk and compliance software – what information will they input and what reports & insights do they need to view and in what format?
  • Look for a risk management software vendor that provides risk and compliance solutions that enable you to build an online obligations library of obligatory requirements, manage regulatory change, scan the regulatory horizon for updates, and monitor compliance – using simple workflows and online forms to carry out compliance checks and attestations.
  • Choose compliance management software that offers specific solutions around anti-money laundering, conflicts of interest, sanctions checks, gifts & entertainment, whistleblowing, and feedback & complaints.
  • Choose a compliance platform that offers templates and frameworks that align with ISO standards.

The benefits of utilizing SaaS cloud-based risk and compliance management software include:

  • Reduced time spent on risk reporting, data aggregation, and administrative tasks.
  • Risk and compliance management software provides a centralized view of risk exposure and compliance status across the entire organization.
  • Compliance and risk management software enables everyone in the organization to feed into risk and compliance activities – easily completing risk & compliance related tasks online as part of their daily role. This creates consistent risk & compliance data to support risk-based decision-making – providing compliance assurance. 
  • Risk & compliance management software generates improved visibility of an organizations operational risk profile. Many risk and compliance tools offer Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) capabilities, cyber risk management, project risk management, and supply chain & third-party risk management in the same platform.
  • Risk & compliance management software reduces the overheads associated with risk monitoring and risk reporting efforts.
  • Compliance and risk software improves an organization’s approach to risk management by enabling critical linkages between risk management, strategy, compliance, and operational performance. 
  • Compliance risk software supports organizations to conduct adequate due diligence to provide compliance assurance to regulators.
  • Choose risk and compliance management software that is simple for your users to configure and customize in house, as it will result in reduced implementation charges and cut back on professional services fees.
  • Choose compliance risk assessment software that enables your organization to set up multiple risk registers, types, and categories – this will enable risk teams to report on specific risk areas individually and also roll everything up into a holistic view.
  • Select risk and compliance management software with a variety of reporting requirements out-of-the-box – that can be further customized to meet any bespoke needs.
  • Select a risk and compliance management software that integrates with your other systems & data sources to ensure risk related data is consistent.
  • Look for risk and compliance management software companies that offer a multitude of governance, risk & compliance use cases including, incident reporting, regulatory change management, audit management, policy management, project management, strategic planning, and ESG – managing these functions in one central platform is beneficial as it enables firms to integrate the data for improved reporting outputs. 
  • Look for risk and compliance management software that offers solutions for the cyber risk team and data protection buyer – for example cyber risk management, cyber incident management, asset management, and templates to manage compliance with data privacy laws and regulations.
  • Look for compliance management tools that offer out-of-the-box templates to align with the regulatory standards you follow.
  • Look for supply chain risk management tools that offer vendor risk management and third-party risk management. 
  • Poor quality GRC data due to a lack of data governance and data entry errors.
  • Capturing risk and compliance information across various forms and spreadsheets leads to data entry problems like copy & paste mistakes, overwritten data, and missed fields.
  • Siloed risk and compliance data held in unintegrated spreadsheets creates bad quality risk data and an inconsistent risk framework that results in misleading reporting – resulting in poor decision-making. 
  • Relying on manual processes that lack automation negatively impacts the resolution of risk, causing risk to escalate to unbearable levels.
  • Manual disjointed processes also affect compliance with regulations, policies, and procedures – making it tough for firms to prove compliance to regulators.
  • Siloed data and a reliance on multiple spreadsheets makes it nearly impossible to link risks to the relevant controls and regulatory compliance obligations – making it hard to understand risk exposure and compliance status.
  • Without using risk and compliance management software, companies are unable to compare GRC data across different sites due to inconsistent risk frameworks and siloed data. This makes it tricky to make risk-based decisions and provide an accurate view of compliance status across departments and sites.

Use the Camms online calculator to find out how much you could save in terms of cost and hours spent on managing risk if you were to use risk management software. Enter the necessary details about how you currently manage risk in your company and our useful calculator tool will produce potential figures on the likely time and money you could save by implementing risk and compliance software.

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