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With integrated solutions in risk, strategy, projects and people our business software will help you make the right decisions, manage risks, align the talents of your organization, and focus on what matters.

Why reporting cyber risks is essential to combating cyber crime

Aaron Mullins | November 12, 2020

If you’ve been following the news in 2020, and let’s be fair, who hasn’t, you may have noticed – between the headlines of US election drama and burgeoning pandemic numbers – that cyber crime is well and truly on the rise.

From Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison’s alarming announcement in June, that a foreign government had been discovered undertaking “malicious” cyber attacks against Australian government agencies; to the numerous hacking scandals plaguing the 2020 US election race.

But it’s not just the largest organisations who are at risk of cyber attacks – many organisations and businesses moving to work-from-home arrangements earlier this year fell victim to opportunistic cyber criminals, making the most of easy access to remote IT systems.

In September, global IT and tech news site ZDNet, reported that there had been a “sharp rise in sophisticated hands-on hacking campaigns” in 2020, with the first half of the year showing more incidents than all of 2019.

The findings came from a report from cyber security company Crowdstrike, and were based on “potential hands-on intrusions” identified by their research team.

“The first half of 2020 saw 41,000 intrusions, a higher figure than the 35,000 detected during all of 2019, according to the company,” Danny Palmer, author of the ZDNet article reported.

“Hands-on campaigns are based around hackers gaining access to the network – often via leaked or stolen credentials to an employee account or an exposed RDP server – then using the legitimate access those accounts or systems offer to move across the network, gradually securing the means to gain more and more access.”

The high cost of siloed compliance

Brad Smith | October 13, 2020

GRC rolls off the tongue nicely and suggests that all components are working together in meeting the organisation’s objectives.

Camms.Risk Named as GRC Software High Performer on G2 Fall Report

Adam Collins | October 2, 2020

We are excited to announce that our industry recognized Risk Management Software Solution, Camms.Risk, was yet again named as a “High Performer” in the GRC software category by G2 in their Fall 2020 report. This marks the 3rd consecutive quarter in 2020 Camms.Risk has been recognized by G2 in its quarterly Grid report.

Transport and Logistics: The tipping point of 2020 for organisational resilience

Daniel Kandola | October 1, 2020

Transferring products from A to B quickly and efficiently is the name of the game in the constantly moving world of transportation and logistics. Unfortunately, a myriad of variables means this process is rarely as easy as ABC at the best of times – and 2020 is proving more algebra than alphabet. Navigating a clear course within the sector has never been so challenging. Existing risks have been overshadowed – or in some cases accelerated – by an unprecedented global event that has brought the importance of organisational resilience into sharp focus: the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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