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The Next Generation of Female GRC Leaders: Senior Women Share Advice on Success and Progression

Live Webinar

Hear from a highly accomplished panel made up of recognised female trailblazers in the GRC arena as they share their experience of progression in their professions.

Let’s Talk Risk Appetite

Webinar | On-Demand

By simply being in business you are automatically exposed to a myriad of risks. But what are the residual risks you are prepared to tolerate?

How Do You Turn ESG From a PR Exercise Into a Value-Creating Function?

Webinar | On-Demand

Every organisation must grapple with how it deals with and integrates ESG into its broader organisation strategy. Why? Because your business, like every business, needs to ensure a sustainable future.

Risk Management | Striking the Right Balance to Keep Regulators Satisfied & Add Strategic Value

Webinar | On-Demand

Too often risk managers are so focussed on compliance-based risk mitigation to meet regulatory requirements that they fail to see the bigger picture. This ‘preventive’ risk management approach doesn’t add strategic value and risks that are worth taking to grow the company can end up being overlooked.

Whitepapers & Reports

Harnessing the Natural Connection Between ESG and GRC

Whitepaper | Download

As businesses delve into what makes a good Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) programme and start to link tangible metrics, they are soon seeing that there are vast similarities between their traditional Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) data, and the data they are using to demonstrate and track ESG.

Maturing your business’ decision-making by building a risk-informed planning function

eBook | Download

To strike a balance between risk and reward, senior decision-makers must recognise which risks have the greatest potential to impact the business and understand how to manage them to enhance performance, drive value creation and ensure sustainability – bringing proactive risk management into sharp focus.

Is Your Cautious Approach to Risk Appetite Stifling your Business?

Whitepaper | Download

Without risk, there is no reward – and this certainly rings true in the uncertain world of business.

10 Steps to Achieve a Best Practice Regulatory Compliance Programme

eBook | Download

Complying with regulations and managing regulatory changes puts a huge amount of pressure on businesses. Organisations across different sectors must follow whole host of complex regulations relating to data privacy, online payments, store credit and financial, environmental & trade laws.

Risk Appetite –
Your Questions Answered

By Holly Butterworth |

Following on from our highly engaging webinar on the topic of “Risk Appetite”, we were inundated with questions from the audience who were keen to get even more insights from our accomplished panel. Although we ran out of time in the live session, we recently had the opportunity to sit down virtually once again with … Continued

Never Underestimate the Importance of Data Quality in GRC

By Jonathan Lindhe |

Big data is a hot topic in the business world, with seemingly everyone wanting to exploit the value and insights they can derive from data, and there is good reason for that. Data is one of the most valuable resources available to an organisation and GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) data is no exception. Large … Continued

The Rise of the Risk Manager and the Tools They Use to Predict Risk

By Daniel Kandola |

Has it taken the worst public health crisis in modern history for businesses to realise the value of risk management? Amid enforced homeworking, strangled supply chains and heightened cyber threats, many organisations became acutely aware that they were underprepared for a black swan event. This realisation that contingency planning is a vital element of business … Continued

Camms Named a Leader Once Again Across Three Categories in G2 Spring 2022 Reports!

By Adam Collins |

It makes us proud when users share their positive experience with Camms on peer-to-peer review sites. Which is why we are beyond thrilled to be recognised as a ‘Leader’ in the GRC Platforms, Operational Risk Software and IT Risk Software category reports for Spring 2022 by G2, the world’s leading software review site. This recognition … Continued

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