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Camms.Risk named “Leader” in Operational Risk Management Software in G2 Fall 2021 Reports

By Adam Collins |

The latest round of G2 quarterly software category reports have been compiled for Fall 2021, and we are delighted to announce that Camms.Risk has been named as a “Leader” in the Operational Risk Management category, and a “High Performer” for GRC Platforms. Here at Camms, we value any feedback we receive from our client base … Continued

Chartis Research ranks Camms.Risk as ‘Leader’ in GRC Solutions Report

By Adam Collins |

Everyone likes to get recognition for their hard work – and at Camms we are no different. We don’t mean patting each other on the back saying “well done” all the time; we’re talking about the kind of recognition from the experts that can help businesses like yours to drive performance through improved governance, risk … Continued

Let’s Talk About UK SOX

By Daniel Kandola |

What UK SOX Will Mean for UK Businesses and GRC Professionals

How COVID-19 Changed Retail for Good

By Andrew Cutter |

2020 was a year like no other, and now retailers the world over are reckoning with re-emergence from the pandemic. They’re relinquishing the illusion that retail will ever return to 2019 conditions, but they know 2020 isn’t predictive of retail’s future, either. Consumer behavior has changed forever. Initially, pandemic conditions shocked consumers into new shopping … Continued

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Formula 1: Risk Management in the Fast Lane

Webinar | Live Webinar

Renowned Author, Broadcaster and Formula 1 Expert, Mark Gallagher, joins us for a Guest Speaker Webinar Series, where he’ll delve into the holistic approaches to strategy and risk management, as well as insights and business lessons learned through his 30-years of experience building winning teams in Formula 1 racing.

Demystifying Safety Culture

Webinar | Live Webinar

Although, ‘safety culture’ is a term that is routinely heard around most organizations, it’s all too often over simplified or misunderstood. In those instances, the missing link is frequently around the core purpose of promoting an approach to workplace safety where both executive

Risk Reporting: How to Provide Summary in Detail

Webinar | Live Webinar

Over the past year, we have watched significant global events highlight the importance of effective and robust risk management strategies.

The Strategic Pathway to Principled Performance

Webinar | Live Webinar

If you take a GRC approach that focuses solely on meeting legal obligations, you may miss other risk factors that could heavily impact your business and hamper your opportunities for growth.

Putting the ‘G’ in GRC

eBook | Download

Governance plays a significant role in determining how a businesses’ objectives are set and achieved, how risk is monitored and addressed, and how performance is optimized.

How to Improve Your AM Best Rating

eBook | Download

Is your AM Best rating holding your business back? With so many insurance companies to choose from, consumers are seeking convenient ways to compare providers to ensure they select a reliable, trustworthy company.

Six Pillars to Instil a Strong Safety Culture

eBook | Download

Given the daily risks to employee safety and wellbeing, it’s hard to believe that many organizations are still failing to invest in better ways to support Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) programs within their organization.

Guide to Avoiding a Failed GRC Implementation Project

eBook | Download

Robust GRC platforms that facilitate vital GRC strategies require well planned and executed implementations.

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