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The Power of a Mature GRC Function: From Building Blocks to a GRC First Culture

Virtual Roundtable

When it comes to risk management, integration is a under-utilised step towards maturity. Without “connecting the dots” between their Governance, Risk and Compliance management activities, organisations could miss out on opportunities to make significant improvements in performance, risk awareness and decision-making.

Structuring GRC to Build an Agile Business Model

Webinar | Live

Businesses are constantly faced with challenges – from unexpected risks to new regulations and black swan events like the pandemic. Therefore, adopting an agile business

The Next Generation of Female GRC Leaders: Senior Women Share Advice on Success and Progression

Webinar | On-Demand

Hear from a highly accomplished panel made up of recognised female trailblazers in the GRC arena as they share their experience of progression in their professions.

Let’s Talk Risk Appetite

Webinar | On-Demand

By simply being in business you are automatically exposed to a myriad of risks. But what are the residual risks you are prepared to tolerate?

Whitepapers & Reports

Risk Management as an Enabler to Strategic Success

Whitepaper | Download

Today, successful businesses embrace risk and use it as a catalyst to achieve their strategic goals -rather than shying away from it or taking a response-based approach after an incident has occurred.

4 Pillars to Remain Agile in the Gambling & Gaming Sector

eBook | Download

Regulatory compliance is rarely a smooth path; it can slow businesses down and costs money to achieve – an all too familiar scenario that pervades the gambling and gaming industry.

Why Agility is Fundamental to Business Success

eBook | Download

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus rightly said that ‘’change is the only constant in life.’’ Now more than 2,500 years later, this wisdom has never rung truer for businesses that go above and beyond to remain agile and change course at a moment’s notice.

Technology: The Driving Force Behind Singapore’s Financial Services Sector

eBook | Download

Singapore has arguably been unique in its FinTech-specific initiatives. So much so that the Global Financial Centre Index ranks the city-state as the 6th most competitive financial centre in the world.

Camms Once Again Named a ‘Leader’ in GRC Platforms in G2 Fall 2022 Reports

By Adam Collins |

Camms are delighted to be named a ‘Leader’ once more in G2’s Fall 2022 Reports in both the GRC Platforms and IT Risk Management categories. G2’s ratings and reports are based on reviews submitted by real users, meaning we owe a big thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to leave feedback on their … Continued

10 Clever Technology Capabilities Every Compliance Officer Should be Using

By Adam Collins |

On Compliance Officer Day 2022 we wanted to give something back to the hardworking compliance officers across the globe. Those unsung heroes of business who dedicate their professional lives to achieving a challenging objective that’s often taken for granted by their colleagues. The complex process of empowering an organisation to function in a legally sound … Continued

Governance Institute of Australia – National Conference 2022 Highlights

By Dean Rogers |

Camms had the pleasure of sponsoring and being a part of the Governance Institute of Australia’s 39th National Conference! We enjoyed connecting with peers and thought leaders to exchange insights, strategies and tools to help organisations define and achieve risk management goals for their businesses! In case you missed out on this fantastic event, here’s … Continued

ESG Maturity: Focus on the Journey, not the Destination

By Daniel Kandola |

Understanding that investment into ESG initiatives can create long-term value for an organisation is just the first step on your ESG journey; doing something about it by creating a roadmap that guides an ESG programme to maturity is a longer path that requires structure. This evaluation of an organisation’s collective conscientiousness for ethical social and … Continued

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