Gain confidence in your management decisions through the ability to design and build engaging reports specifically for your needs. Available to use with all Camms software solutions.

Self service

Tailor reports to meet your needs.

Flexible theming

Present your information using a wide range of visualisation and formatting options.


Available to use with all Camms software.

Reporting capabilities

Custom reports

Leverage a wide range of inbuilt datasets to draw data from any Camms solution, and create your reports using a visual interface with no coding necessary. Select from a range of widgets and built-in formatting options to easily customise them.


Restrict access to datasets based on user roles, and the ability to determine access to reports you build on an individual basis.


Reuse components you create for your reports for simple and visual online dashboards.


Setup customised schedules to automatically email reports to specific individuals.

HTML builder for advanced reporting

Use the HTML forms builder to create more advanced formatting and visual options for your reports.


You only need a web browser to get started, no need to download any software or add-ons to build your reports.

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