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From Disconnected to Aligned: Bridging the GRC Gaps in your Organisation

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The acronym GRC implies an interdependency between Governance, Risk and Compliance – where these functions are integrated to better manage risks, incidents, compliance obligations, and audits in alignment with organisational objectives. Yet in many organisations the component parts of GRC are often managed in different areas of the organisation, with separate processes and systems – causing problems.

This webinar will look at what organisations can gain from better alignment of their GRC functions. We will discuss how firms can move from a disconnected position to one that is more integrated and efficient in terms of processes, data, and reporting.


David Turner

Chief Executive Officer | RiskNZ

A senior business executive and a trusted advisor with over 20 years’ experience in the risk management industry, David brings a unique blend of expertise across diverse areas with a focus on risk management of human behaviour – one of the more complex, dynamic and often over-looked areas of the industry.

Brad Smith

Principal Consultant | Camms

Having worked with more than 300 public, private and not for profit organisations across a wide range of sectors, during his 19 years at Camms, Brad has an in-depth knowledge in key areas including governance / risk / compliance, planning and performance, ESG and business process improvement.

David Fox

Director | Fox-Risk Consultancy

David Fox, with 20+ years in international project and business risk management, partnered with leading organisations like NZ Post and Mace UK. His practical, people-centric approach fosters a tailored, risk-aware culture.
As founder of Fox-Risk Consultancy, he empowers businesses across the Asia Pacific with enhanced risk-based decision-making capabilities.

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