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Navigating Good Governance in Aged Care

On-demand Webinar

Duration: 25 minutes


Can you say your organisation’s care model is backed by an automated solution that drives better incident reporting and good governance in line with the latest legislative changes?

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About the webinar

We are excited to bring you an information packed webinar that will look at incident management in the Aged Care industry. The focus will be on how providers must evolve to ensure compliance with new regulations. In the face of evolving care models, increasing industry scrutiny and changing compliance requirements, residential Aged Care providers need to implement an effective, enterprise-wide incident management process to ensure customer and employee safety, increase governance standards across the organisation and how your broker can help you.

The webinar will explore:

  • Incident reporting in Aged Care organisations today.
  • The benefits of implementing an all-encompassing incident reporting process.
  • The critical role technology plays in helping organisations streamline their incident reporting processes.
  • How your brokers and Ansvar can help you.
  • Q&A session.

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The event will explore:


9.30 AM – 9.45 AM AEST
Official Welcome

Alex Kerr-Grant
Head of Customer Success

Welcoming address and company update

9.45 AM – 10.30 AM AEST
Quality management in a digital age

Aaron Mullins
Principal Consultant

Discover how organisations digitise their quality management to reduce errors and improve patient care. Create a fully integrated 360-degree view of your organisation’s quality management system to meet compliance standards better, improve patient satisfaction, and create easy-access reporting for decision-makers.

10.40 AM – 11.10 AM AEST
Compliance management in health

James Boocock
VP of Global Partnerships

Tom Kerin
Head of PreSales

Delve into the power of streamlined, comprehensive and effective Compliance Management to ensure your organisation is meeting its regulatory requirements.

Coffee Break – 10.30 AM – 10.40 AM AEST

10.40 AM – 11.10 AM AEST
Control checks and reporting workflow in a digitised world

Adam Collins
Chief Product Officer

Witness the power of our two newest products, Camms.Service and Camms.Risk Survey Capability, and learn how they ensure your organisation’s controls are being checked and reported on efficiently and effectively.

11.10 AM – 11.40 AM AEST
Goulburn Valley Health user perspective: Digitising strategic planning made easy

Goulburn Valley Health

Join Andrea Pogue, Governance and Planning Manager, as she takes us through how Camms.Strategy has helped Goulburn Valley Health technology has played in strategic planning and corporate reporting.

11.40 AM AEST
Closing remarks

Alex Kerr-Grant
Head of Customer Success

Closing address and thanks


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This roundtable will feature:

A thought-provoking discussion with retired LGPro CEO Chris Eddy, on the new Victorian Local Government Act.

An insightful presentation on how Camms customers are meeting their requirements on the Local Government Act and the expectations of their community.

A Chance to meet with fellow local government executives to discuss current challenges in the local government sphere.

A product showcase of our solution tailored to assist Victorian Local Governments adapt swiftly to the new Act.

An exciting first look at our new Camms.Survey module.

Meet your hosts

Stephen Ratcliff

Head of Risk & National Care Practice Leader, Ansvar Risk

Stephen is a qualified professional with seventeen years public health sector experience. Passionate about strategy, risk management and establishing the governance systems that enable organisations to excel. Twelve years’ experience in project management (PMP and PRINCE2 certified), internal service consultancy and change management. He equally enjoys leading a team as well as leading change through influence and relationships. 

Tom Kerin

Head of Pre-Sales at Camms Global

As Head of Pre-Sales, Global, Tom helps customers bring their ideal risk management framework to life with his deep understanding of contemporary issues faced by organisations today. Having been with Camms for over 5 years, he recognises the need for a flexible, easy to use and rapidly deployable risk management solution.


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