Demystifying Safety Culture


Live Webinar

Thursday, 14th October 12.30 pm AEDT
Duration: 30 minutes

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The Webinar

Although, ‘safety culture’ is a term that is routinely heard around most organizations, it’s all too often over simplified or misunderstood. In those instances, the missing link is frequently around the core purpose of promoting an approach to workplace safety where both executive management and staff are all driving for a safer workplace, implementing the necessary measures to create a top-down and bottom-up approach. But we appreciate it’s often easier said than done.

Our upcoming webinar, hosted by Camms’ Principal Customer Consultant, Brad Smith, will diskuss how leaders are responsible for managing the health and safety in their workplace, the importance of examining the organization’s current safety culture and how it aligns with the evolving needs.

This session will provide valuable insight on:

Workplace, Health, and Safety Maturity curve – where do you sit?

How do you build out a robust WHS program? Where do you start?

Where does it fit into your organization?

How can a digital approach complement your drive to achieve a safety culture?

Meet the presenter

Brad Smith

Having worked with more than 200 public and private organizations across a wide range of sectors, during his 18 – year tenure at Camms, Brad has developed in-depth knowledge in key areas including governance/risk / compliance, integrated planning and performance and business process improvement among other specialized areas.


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