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Balancing Growth & Sustainability: Applying SGX Reporting, Core ESG Metrics, and TCFD Recommendations in Singapore’s Expanding Market

What you’ll learn…

In an era where sustainability is intertwined with business growth, Singapore’s flourishing market is at the forefront of a new business paradigm. This comprehensive webinar will address the key elements that underpin responsible growth, focusing on SGX Sustainability Reporting, SGX’s 27 Core ESG Metrics, TCFD Recommendations, and a live demonstration of Camms’ ESG offering.

As Singapore’s growth presents unique challenges and opportunities in sustainability. This essential webinar will delve into how businesses can align growth with sustainable practices. Join us to gain insights and learn about the tools that can streamline and ease the reporting burden for your business to effectively align your growth with environmental stewardship in line with SGX and TCFD reporting obligations.

Jon Andersen

Vice President International Markets

Brad Smith

Principal Consultant | Camms

  1. Financial Industry Professionals: Since climate reporting is mandatory in the financial industry, those involved in risk management, compliance, sustainability, and reporting within banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and other financial institutions should attend.
  2. Agriculture, Food, and Forest Products Industry Stakeholders: Professionals in these industries are also mandated to report on climate issues, making this webinar pertinent to executives, sustainability officers, compliance teams, and others responsible for ESG considerations.
  3. Energy Industry Leaders: With mandatory climate reporting within the energy sector, the webinar will be essential for energy producers, suppliers, and related businesses, including those in renewables, fossil fuels, and other energy sources.
  4. Other Issuers & Organizations: For industries where climate reporting is on a ‘comply or explain’ basis, this webinar would be beneficial for decision-makers, risk managers, sustainability coordinators, and reporting teams who want to understand best practices and tools for climate reporting.
  5. Regulatory Bodies & Policy Makers: Individuals involved in creating, overseeing, or enforcing climate reporting regulations may also find this webinar useful for understanding the practical applications and challenges faced by the industries they regulate.
  6. Consultants & Advisors: Professionals providing advice or support on sustainability, compliance, or reporting to businesses in any of these areas can gain valuable insights to better assist their clients.
  7. Academics & Researchers: Those studying sustainability practices, climate risk management, or corporate governance might find this webinar insightful for their work.
  8. ESG & Sustainability Enthusiasts: Anyone with a keen interest in ESG matters and the integration of sustainability within business strategy would benefit from attending.

By attending this webinar, you will gain essential insights into SGX Reporting, Core ESG Metrics, TCFD Recommendations, and Camms’ ESG offering, all tailored to Singapore’s unique regulatory environment and market dynamics. It offers practical knowledge that can be applied across various industries and roles to foster responsible growth in line with climate reporting requirements.

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