Chartis Research ranks Camms.Risk as ‘Leader’ in GRC Solutions Report

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Everyone likes to get recognition for their hard work – and at Camms we are no different. We don’t mean patting each other on the back saying “well done” all the time; we’re talking about the kind of recognition from the experts that can help businesses like yours to drive performance through improved governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

Chartis Research is a leading provider of research and analysis on the global market for risk technology. They facilitate informed technology and business decisions by providing in-depth analysis and advice on almost all aspects of risk technology. We are delighted to announce that Chartis has ranked Camms as an industry ‘Leader’ in its GRC Solutions 2021 Market Quadrants report – a view of the vendor landscape that considers the technology and industry trends that will continue to shape the future of GRC solutions. The report uses a comprehensive methodology of in-depth independent research and a clear scoring system to identify and explain which technology solutions will meet your organisation’s needs.

If we dig a little deeper into the report, we can see that Camms overall ranking has been attained by achieving industry ‘Leader’ status across several sub quadrants: EGRC solutions, operational risk solutions, internal audit solutions, and ITRM solutions.

So, what sets Camms apart from the competition, earning it notable recognition from the Chartis analysts and advisors – all of whom have extensive hands-on experience implementing and developing risk management systems and programmes for Fortune 500 companies and leading consulting houses?

Out-of-the-box deployment

Time to value is a key differentiator for Camms.Risk – our cloud-based SaaS solution that facilitates risk, incident and compliance management across all IT systems and processes. This comprehensive out-of-the-box platform, combined with our collaborative approach to implementation – which typically takes between 30-90 days – ensures users benefit from integrated solutions in risk, strategy, projects, and people without delay.

The platform is also capable of setting a comprehensive benchmark that delivers against industry standards and regulatory requirements and can be a vital tool for fostering a proactive companywide GRC culture.


Camms.Risk is fully scalable and configurable using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), providing you with the agility to align the platform with your business’s unique requirements.

The list of disparate data sources you can integrate the Camms suite of tools with is compelling:

  • Financial Systems: produce comprehensive and informative reports of corporate financial information and budget utilisation for improved decision making
  • HR Systems: automatically update organisational structure, employee details and user information, saving time and resources.
  • KPIs (all business systems): improve reporting capacity and information management by increasing the frequency and accuracy of data collection.
  • Document Management Systems: create live references to corporate documents and save reports directly into your document management system, quickly and efficiently.
  • CRM Systems: such as customer details, contracts, and credential information.
  • Active Directory: Camms web-based applications provide active directory integration services.

These APIs enable interaction with critical areas of Camms, including staff, financials, projects, incidents, and measures. This provides access to a single source of oversight and demonstratable proof that drives a truly effective GRC programme.

Camms.Risk also streamlines administrator’s workload by allowing them to make necessary changes with ease. By empowering admins to manage dynamic configuration requirements seamlessly, the platform can adapt in tandem with your business.

Camms.Risk: an integrated approach to GRC

Understanding the benefits a GRC solution can offer your business – from the centralisation and sharing of critical information to implementing best-practice processes – is just the first step to realising its potential. The process of choosing the right solution for your business is less straightforward. Without careful consideration, in-depth research, and expert assistance you might waste valuable resources by committing to the wrong vendor.

Therefore, when it comes to making such a high-stakes decision, you’ll want to select a GRC solution that has a great reputation. From EGRC, operational risk, conduct risk and controls, and internal audit management to third-party risk management, model risk management, and IT risk management – Camms.Risk scored highly across the board in the coveted GRC Solutions 2021 Market Quadrants report. So, choose Camms and your business will get the recognition it deserves for taking GRC seriously.

Find out more about Camms. Risk and request a demo today.

Adam Collins

Our Chief Executive Officer uses his in-depth knowledge of the Camms platform to offer solutions that help our clients achieve their goals and improve performance

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