Redefine the way your organization pursues opportunity and manages risk.

Make the right business decisions with an easy to use solution that provides a comprehensive integrated approach to governance, risk and compliance.

Industry recognized

Camms was named on the most recent Gartner Integrated Risk Management Magic Quadrant.

Flexible and easy to use

Get maximum buy-in across the organization with an intuitive solution that’s designed for everyone to use.

Rapid time to value

Rapid time to value, with solutions that are deployed quickly and configured for how you want to use them.

Camms Achieves
High Performer Hat Trick

Camms.Risk achieved 3 ‘High Performer’ badges in G2’s Summer Reports, in the GRC, Operational Risk Management and Environmental, Health and Safety software categories.

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Integrate your risk approach.

Make the right business decisions with an easy to use solution that provides a comprehensive integrated approach to governance, risk and compliance.

Risk management

Make operational risk management part of your culture so you can identify, track and manage risks with confidence.

Compliance management

Understand exposures and areas of non-compliance to drive business action and address legislative changes.

Workplace health and safety

Maintain health and safety registers, identify and deal with hazards and record actions to meet compliance.

Incident reporting and monitoring

Report actual incidents and near misses as they happen, conduct investigations, determine impact and monitor cases until closed.

Audit management

Schedule and manage internal and external audits as well as effectively dealing with findings and recommendations.

Cyber and IT risk management

Integrate your IT risk with your existing enterprise risk framework, and ensures that cyber risk is given the visibility for all levels of an organization.

Flexible registers and workflows

Keep track or whatever register you need (staff checks, safety, equipment) with integrated workflows for automated management.

Third-Party risk management

How reliable are the vendors and suppliers that you depend on? Is your risk framework providing a consolidated view of third-party risk?

Risk Management: From spreadsheets to a cloud-based solution


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Camms High Performer Hat Trick from G2 Users

Adam Collins | June 24, 2021 is a global software marketplace that helps a reported 5.5 million people every month make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews. The latest round of quarterly software category reports, have been released, and here at Camms, we are delighted with the results. Which comes as a direct result of user reviews – there’s nothing that means more to us than hearing feedback from our client base.

The comprehensive nature of Camms.Risk has seen it achieve a G2 “High Performer Hat Trick” across Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Risk Management and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS). This much sought-after recognition as a “High Performer” in G2’s GRC software category – the 10th consecutive quarter Camms.Risk has achieved this accolade – is supported by 96% of users rating the solution 4 or 5 stars and 89% saying they would recommend the software to a friend or colleague.

GRC is as much about anticipating the future as managing the present. Camms.Risk users trust that their current and future needs are addressed by its development roadmap, with 95% believing the software is heading in the right direction.

Time to value is a key differentiator for Camms.Risk. This comprehensive out-of-the-box platform, combined with our collaborative approach to implementation, ensures users benefit from integrated solutions in risk, strategy, projects, and people without delay. According to the G2 report, the average go-live time is less than two months, with 85% of users highly rating the ease with which the software is set up.

The solution’s strong overall performance was supported by high scores across additional categories:

Digitisation of the Aged Care Industry: From Paperwork to the Cloud

Aaron Mullins | June 21, 2021

The Aged Care industry has been put under the microscope in recent years, and the findings point to the need to create robust processes to ensure the quality of care to all customers using any form of Aged Care services. One of the paths which many organizations are going down to provide quality care is through harnessing the power of software solutions. The ability and benefits of utilizing software are compelling: improve processes and productivity, deliver better customer and employee experiences, manage risks, and control costs.

It would be easy to assume the proliferation of digital technology has made this process of pairing business-focused philosophies with software development models par for the course – but some industries have been quicker on the uptake than others. The Aged Care industry, for example, has traditionally been behind the curve when it comes to adopting digital technologies that streamline processes, reduce the burden of paperwork, and ultimately improve the quality of care.

The industry began to embrace digital technology in 2005 when the Commonwealth introduced infrastructure funding for upgrades to Aged Care facilities. This encouraged many facilities to replace antiquated paper-based processes with software systems that delivered efficient and accurate data management. Since then, however, the adoption and upgrade of technology has moved slower than other industries – until now.

This continued reliance on inefficient and unreliable methods of managing vital information can have a detrimental impact on Aged Care customers, whose right to access safe and quality care and to live without abuse or neglect is compromised – and the consequences can be severe: from a lack of visibility on incident investigation, actions and follow-up to a siloed approach between governance and other systems. Increasingly aware of this, the Australian Government intervened.

Camms .College

Take advantage of live and on demand training, virtual reporting assistance, expert advice, online customer care and delivery to ensure your teams are quick to get the maximum benefit from Camms.Risk.



An engagement with Camms consists of an Annual Subscription, Implementation Services and Customer Care (Camms.College) Investment.

Annual Subscription

The Annual Subscription provides our customers with a license to use our software. Camms pricing structure reflects the modular, user-based nature of our software, and thus, the Annual Subscription Fee is impacted by 2 variables; the specific modules a customer needs and the number of users the customer wishes to deploy the software to. Except in special circumstances, the Annual Subscription Fee typically includes all updated, upgrades, technical support and hosting.

Implementation Services

Implementation Services is the professional services required for the implementation of our software for a customer. The fee is based on a customer’s specific requirements, but typically includes allowance for configuration, training, data migration, integration, training and project management. Through a technical diskovery process, Camms estimates the effort involved in a particular project, and applies a standard Rate Card for the determination of the total Implementation Services component. For more detail on our options for implementing our solutions, click here.

Customer Care, powered by Camms.College

Camms Customer Care Program is powered by Camms.College, an intuitive, self-service online learning platform that also includes pre-allocated consulting and reporting assistance hours for activities such as report development, consultative advice and tailored training courses. Investment is based on four tiers depending on the different supporting requirements unique to each customer, each tier is aligned to the total number of products and users a customer has and all include access to our support desk and the Camms.College portal. For more information visit

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