Evolving GRC: Pathways to Maturing Your Processes

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GRC maturity is a journey and not every organisation will take the same path. Working towards GRC maturity requires steady advancements in leadership collaboration, process efficiencies, and the right technology enablement that will in turn allow you to strengthen the maturity of your risk and compliance programs.

It is not uncommon for risk and compliance teams to rely on cumbersome manual tools to monitor programs and perform assessments, but how do they mature? This approach often leads to confusion, inconsistency, and errors in risk assessment reporting, causing Governance, Risk and Compliance program leaders to isolate and focus only on their areas of responsibility rather than holistically address programs.

Sit down for an insightful roundtable discussion with Managing Director of Riskcom, Earl Eddings, Chief Executive Officer at RMIA, Simon Levy, and Camms’ Gavin Vermaas as they explore the current GRC landscape, how most organisations manage their GRC functions, common issues hampering these processes and dive into how businesses can successfully overcome these roadblocks.

Who should attend?

This virtual event is ideal for Governance, Risk and Compliance executives keen to assess where their GRC maturity model stands and learn how to leverage the right processes and technologies to elevate their GRC function.

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Roundtable discussion highlights:

In-depth exploration of the current GRC landscape

How organisation can mature their processes

Common issues to different processes

What a mature risk organisation looks like


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Building a Strong Business Case for GRC Automation

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Organisations that are able to manage GRC as an integrated program are more successful as it helps accelerate their readiness and improves business performance, yet every solution is different and each business has different needs – which is why scoping out the right tool is critical for success.

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The Value of GRC: A Boardroom Perspective

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The power of integrating risk and strategy is one that many organisations fail to comprehend. However, they may try the struggle for many organisations is a mix of the board failing to understand its value, risk teams working as a department of “no”, and an inability to connect and report on the integration between risk and strategic planning properly.

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