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The very nature of and purpose of the Aged Care industry demands good governance, efficient incident reporting and risk-aware culture that empowers providers and caregivers and protects those in need.

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Our integrated cloud-based solutions are currently supporting Aged Care providers across Australia in enhancing the safety and quality of care, in line with evolving legislative requirements. At Camms, we are assisting Aged Care providers in taking on their challenges and help them achieve a comprehensive approach to Governance, Risk, Compliance and Incident Management.

The Power of an Integrated Approach to
Risk and Incident Management

Camms.Risk is a cloud-based Risk and Incident management solution that can underpin and ensure compliance to the Serious Incident Reporting Scheme (SIRS). The power of the integration lies within the solution’s ability to link incidents to risk, which sit in the system, making it easier to find gaps in controls or capture trends in risk and incidents. Our Camms.Risk solution empowers employees to report on operational and clinical incidents and near-misses with an intuitive user interface, creating a single source of truth for executives to have clear insight into organisational risks, incidents, and near-misses.

Define all organizational risks and ensure proactive plans are implemented to mitigate potential incidents. The Camms.Risk solution is helping care providers across the globe map out their risks, both operational and clinical, and map out their controls to ensure both the customers, employees and the entire organization is protected.

Capture all organisational and clinical incidents, risks, controls and treatment actions in a single easy to use solution. The power of a system such as Camms.Risk allows organisations to build a robust approach to incident reporting to spot trends, continually improve the environment and support good governance from the bottom up.

Capture the entire incident lifecycle from incident to the investigation, follow up, corrective actions and close out all in a single easy to use platform. Having the entire incident investigation cycle in one solution means everything is easily accessible and ensures no stage of the incident investigation, corrective actions and follow-up are missed.

The Camms.Risk Incident Management Mobile App allows staff to capture incidents on the go, facilitating the entire incident reporting process. The App enables users to include images, incident details and geotag the location of the incident. The App’s true power is its ability to allow employees to report on an incident anywhere and any time, regardless of access to a computer.

Camms is Helping Aged Care Organisations…

Deliver timely and accurate management reports detailing performance and KPIs.

Systemise and integrate a robust incident management approach across the whole enterprise.

Increase visibility across all incidents and near-misses throughout the organisation.

Understand organisational risk.

Analyse problems with service delivery and identify efficiencies and inefficiencies.

Discover and monitor data trends across clients and services to ensure you’re on top of evolving issues.

How is Camms helping Aged Care organisations…

Watch our short overview video to learn how Camms’ fully integrated cloud-based solutions are supporting Aged Care Providers.

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Capabilities of Our Solutions for Aged Care

Improve Incident Reporting Promote Greater Governance

Capture all incident, hazards, and near-misses in one solution. Many care facilities use disparate processes to capture incidents in different areas of the organization, making it hard for staff to report incidents and near-misses. However, with the power of an intuitive cloud-based solution, organizations can easily capture all incidents and near-misses in a single place and automate the escalation process to ensure that customers receive safe and effective personal care.

Risk Management in Aged Care

Risk management in Aged Care has come a long way, with many organisations mapping out their organisational and clinical risks in isolated spreadsheets. However, with the growing regulatory requirements, Aged Care providers need to move their risk management process from disparate spreadsheets to an intuitive cloud-based solution that automates reporting and promotes buy-in to your organisation’s risk management processes.

Digitise Feedback and Complaints

Capture, triage, investigate and action, feedback and complaints using our workflow tool Camms.Service. The tool’s power allows customers and their families to report any complaints or feedback on the care of their loved ones easily. This creates a platform for Aged Care providers to listen to concerns, investigate them, record corrective actions in a single place, and streamline the entire process.

Drive Organisational Governance

Align organisational plans, KPIs and scorecards with a strategy to track and monitor corporate growth. Camms.Strategy supports the setting, tracking and reporting of organisational performance management. Aged Care organisations see a significant benefit in laying out plans to meet the Aged Care Quality Standards and the Serious Incident Response Scheme. Our Camms.Strategy solution facilitates this process by creating a transparent approach to the organisation’s strategic planning which promotes accountability to actions and tasks, and keeps the organisation on track to meet its goals.

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Fast-track your Response to the New Aged Care Quality Standards

Explore the vital role technology is playing in supporting Aged Care providers to deliver safer and high value of care. Along with why it is becoming increasingly important to provide greater governance and compliance with an added focus on better reporting of clinical outcomes.

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Report Incident in Real Time!

Report incidents, near-misses and conduct investigations on the go with our Camms.Risk Incident Management App.

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