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Use our business strategy  software to develop, manage, and execute your strategy, measure ongoing business performance, and ensure your team is working towards key goals & objectives.

Camm's business strategy software helping corporations to achieve their business goals

Plan and execute task manangement

Our business strategy and project management software gives you the tools to both plan and execute your strategy.

Measure effectiveness using relevant metrics

Our strategic planning solution enables firms to demonstrate how operational initiatives are contributing to high-level organisational objectives and measure their impact through a sophisticated KPI engine.

Provide visibility to your business planning

Out strategy execution platform keeps executive leaders and the board informed on strategic progression through insightful dashboards and reports.

Strategy management software capabilities

Strategic & operational planning

Use our corporate strategy management platform to build out your strategic and operational plan – from high-level goals, outcomes, and strategies to low-level actions and tasks. Use simple tree views to help you visualize your plan as you build it.

Action management

Our business strategy software enables teams and staff to action any individual responsibilities that form part of the wider strategic plan. Firms can break down complex actions into smaller tasks and sub-tasks with individual responsibility. Leaders can easily monitor progress against targets, track financials, and create linkages to other areas – ensuring when an action is completed, staff can move on to the next stage in the strategic plan.

Driving strategic value through risk management platform

Manage strategic risk

Empower your team to take calculated risks in pursuit of their strategic goals by integrating strategic planning with risk management in one platform. Use the risk management capabilities within our strategy planning solution to manage strategic risk. Set up a strategic risk register, monitor strategic risk, and set controls to mitigate any risks that could negatively impact strategic plans.

Monitor and Report KPIs

Know whether your strategic plan is having the desired effect by monitoring and reporting on key performance metrics. Our strategic planning software tools enable leaders to view important evidence of plan effectiveness and quickly understand where they need to make alterations.


Use our strategy plan software to build scorecards to provide an aggregated view of strategic performance. Seamlessly combine multiple KPIs and scorecards with relative weightages to build an accurate picture of strategic priorities and understand your current position.

Strategy mapping

Get a bird’s eye view of your strategic plan, along with a holistic view of performance at each level of your plan structure. Drill-down into specific areas to investigate metrics or actions that might be off track.

Board & executive reporting

Our strategy implementation software offers comprehensive reporting capabilities. Compile reports consisting of key actions and metrics relevant to executives along with a process for refining commentary and obtaining signoffs.

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