Cyber Risk Management

Who owns cyber risk?

Make your business more resilient with an approach that integrates cyber into your enterprise risk processes.

Provides a simplified approach for compliance across key regulatory frameworks

Provides visibility
of Cyber Risk

Ensures consistency in how risks are maintained


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Integrate your IT Risk approach with your broader enterprise risk framework

Simplify the process for visibility at all levels of the organization – ensuring that the executive and board have full awareness around IT/Cyber vulnerabilities

Significant flexibility and agility – rapid time to value

Out of the box options for compliance mapping of key controls linked to common information security frameworks – ISO27001, NIST and many more

Respond to breaches quickly and consistently and ensure all key stakeholders are in the loop

Use our cyber risk management capabilities to:


  • Gain visibility of cyber risks at the right levels, including the very top.
  • Ensure all risks including cyber and IT are maintained and controlled consistently
  • Offers an out of the box yet a simplified approach for compliance across key regulatory frameworks related to information security.
  • Have an effective cyber risk management program deployed with rapid time to value.
  • Respond to cyber and IT breaches rapidly and efficiently and ensures key stakeholders are informed.
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