The key to successfully integrating your planning and risk processes


The current climate has proven without a doubt that both local and global events have great potential to significantly impact an organisation, and how it operates.

With the watchwords for today’s volatile and uncertain environment being agility and nimbleness, its crucial to consider if your organisation is taking the right steps to bring risk and strategic management aspects together to secure its short- and long-term success.

Overlooking managing risks associated with strategy can be a recipe for inevitable failure. This whitepaper sheds insight on the value of integrating your organisation’s risk and strategy processes.



By reading this Whitepaper, you will understand

The vitality of integrating risk into strategic planning, and embracing ERM.

How to exploit positive opportunities from risk while mitigating the downside.

The benefits of bringing these two crucial processes under one coherent framework.

The importance of championing a risk-aware culture from top down.

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