The Art of Policy Management

Without a comprehensive set of policies & procedures, businesses open themselves up to a world of ambiguity, unforeseen costs, and fines & penalties. But with so many policies to maintain & communicate, policy management can become a challenge for organisations.

This information packed eBook will offer a crash course into the art of policy management. It provides clarity on the value of policies, explores the key challenges of manual policy management, and reveals how integrating policy management with wider GRC processes can help organisations to implement policies that mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

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This eBook explains:

The value of a well-maintained library of policies & procedures.

The challenges of adopting a manual, ad hoc approach to policy management.

How GRC technology can streamline & automate your policy management programme.

How to align policy management with risk, compliance, and strategic planning to create policies & procedures that help you achieve your goals & objectives.

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Find out more about how Camms can help your organisation centralise policy management, automate approvals, signoffs, and revisions, and build a governance framework that enables you to demonstrate compliance with regulations, policies, and operating procedures.