Technology: The Driving Force Behind Singapore’s Financial Services Sector

Singapore has arguably been unique in its FinTech-specific initiatives. So much so that the Global Financial Centre Index ranks the city-state as the 6th most competitive financial centre in the world. Today, Singapore is home to one of the most progressive banking systems globally, attracting financial institutions from across the globe with its business-friendly environment.

The growth trajectory of FinTech in Singapore has been impressively steep in recent years, with a range of accommodative factors paving the way to success. This eBook explores the driving force behind the state’s thriving fintech ecosystem – technology.

Gain insight into its robust regulatory frameworks – a vital requirement amidst heightened exposure to a range of technology relations and take a deep dive into the role an integrated risk management system plays in achieving the most crucial layer in the process – compliance.

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By reading this eBook you will understand:

The factors behind the meteoric rise of one of the most competitive fintech centre in the world.

What the future hold for the evolution, management, and regulation of technology in Singapore’s financial services sector?

Why business solutions are vital tools for achieving regulatory compliance.

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