Putting the ‘G’ in GRC

Governance plays a significant role in determining how a businesses’ objectives are set and achieved, how risk is monitored and addressed, and how performance is optimised.

So, it would only seem right that no executive leaders would ever overlook this cornerstone of structure, decision making, control, and accountability. You’d be surprised: rather than underpinning integrated governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), it is often side-lined by executives who want to skip straight to managing risk and complying with regulations without laying the foundations for success.

Our latest eBook looks at “Putting the ‘G’ in GRC” helps to lay these foundations by looking at four key components transparency, accountability, stewardship and integrity. The eBook goes even further by taking you through the five steps to successfully integrating GRC.

To move with the times, you must embrace the brave new world of integrated GRC – a burgeoning trend that drives better results and builds a stronger more resilient organisation. Start here by downloading our latest eBook.

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This Whitepaper explores

The three elements of GRC

Why Governance is critical, and how and why it should integrate with Risk and Compliance functions

Five steps to successful GRC integration

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