Guide to Avoiding a Failed GRC Implementation Project


Robust GRC platforms that facilitate vital GRC strategies require well planned and executed implementations. However, the process of implementing innovative GRC platforms in an integrated and synchronised manner is sometimes mismanaged or poorly aligned to your business objectives – leading to pain points that can be crippling to the success of your project.

Some businesses are just starting out and looking to move away from manual, spreadsheet-based approaches to more sophisticated automated solutions, others have gone down the software road already, but not had the success they hoped for. Either way the project can seem daunting, but the business need to achieve time to value is real.

This eBook explores these pain points and provides practical advice from experts who have helped many clients overcome these challenges firsthand.



This eBook will help you answer 3 key questions:

What makes a successful GRC implementation?

What are the 10 potentially crippling pain points to a successful GRC implementation programme?

How can I navigate these pain points to realise the value of my investment?

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