Business Intelligence for the C-suite: A New Vision for Operational Risk Management


Is it time to change the view of the operational risk department in your organisation? Often ‘Op Risk’ is seen by c-suite execs as a box ticking exercise, a negative department whose function is to aggregate risk data and report on it. Traditionally op risk departments talk of doom and gloom and worst-case scenarios and brings up mistakes and problems.

The aim of this eBook is to banish the negativity and elevate the ‘Op Risk’ function from monotonous reporting and aggregation of risk data to providing expertise to the c-suite to enable them to improve processes, make decisions, drive competitive advantage, and decipher which risks are worth taking to achieve business success and accomplish strategic plans.

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By reading this eBook you will understand:

How to create a positive view of risk management within your organisation

How to create a company wide view of your risk landscape across all departments

How to use op risk to uncover opportunities, guide business decisions & track the progress of your corporate strategy.

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