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Registrations are now open for RegTech Live 2023, an FStech conference dedicated to Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management in financial services – and Camms is proud to be a sponsor!

RegTech is becoming an increasingly important consideration for the Financial Services industry. And given that the pace of regulatory change is only matched by technological development – it only follows that regulatory technology is one of the most dynamic sectors in Financial Services. 

Back for the fifth year, the highly anticipated RegTech Live 2023 conference will return to discuss all the latest developments in regulatory technology – identifying key trends, exploring emerging technologies, and hearing from senior experts in this fast-growing sector.  Organised by FStech, this one-day event will allow delegates to discuss and share important themes and learnings within the RegTech space.

Who Should Attend?

The event is open to CXOs and Compliance, Risk, Data Privacy, Regulatory, Legal, and Technology Professionals across Financial Services and Insurance.

What to Expect

The 5th edition will especially focus on how regulatory expectations are changing amidst a backdrop of macroeconomic uncertainty and disruption with an emphasis on key areas such as post-Brexit reforms, the future supervisory framework for crypto, digital assets, and climate change. 

Attendees can expect to hear from regulators and thought leaders in RegTech including academics, lawyers, consultants, analysts, and tech providers who can reflect on where the industry is headed. The upcoming conference will be structured around a series of insightful and compelling keynote speeches, panel debates and thought leadership presentations followed by an opportunity to network with key decision-makers from the world of RegTech.

Expert speakers will discuss the prominent topic of blockchain and the growing ways that Financial Services providers are leveraging technology to shake up how they operate. Presenters will also touch on how ongoing environmental and geopolitical changes continues to raise regulatory questions.

The changing fraud and cyber security threat landscape, Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money-Laundering  (AML), and ESG compliance will also be discussed while the authorities will also present updates on the latest regulatory developments and technology investments.  

The provisional agenda includes the following sessions: 

  • The latest developments in AI and machine learning for RegTech
  • Hybrid risk – data privacy & compliance in a hybrid workplace
  • Going green – Are financial services firms ready for ESG compliance?
  • Digital assets – regulation & compliance in the age of cryptocurrency
  • Are compliance controls coping with the rise in cybercrime?
  • Spotting financial crime – on the frontline of AML controls
  • Compliance in the cloud – overcoming data security challenges
  • Going global – how to maintain compliance across borders
  • Focus on biometrics – where next for customer onboarding?
  • How well do you really know your customer? –  KYC and the 360-degree view
  • Decision transparency – building algorithms the regulator can assess

Camms Sponsored Session

Be sure to catch the presentation sponsored by Camms titled – The Journey to Risk Management Maturity on 28 Feb from 9.30-10am.

This session will take you on a journey through the latest risk management capabilities available to help improve your maturity. Discover how an integrated approach that maps risk to strategic objectives, enterprise performance, incidents, audits, and compliance obligations will help organisations generate real value from risk. By understanding the impact of risk on different business areas, leaders are empowered to allocate budget & resources to the most critical areas, make risk-informed decisions, and take calculated risks in pursuit of their objectives.

To be ‘Risk Mature’ you have to keep evolving, and this session will take you through the risk maturity curve and show you how to progress.

What happened at last year’s RegTech Live event?

The fourth edition of RegTech Live back in early 2022 covered some of the biggest topics in the world of compliance including measuring and demonstrating ESG compliance; AI and automated compliance in the era of hybrid working; and automating KYC, AML and fraud screening as customers embrace digital channels.  A key theme of the conference included the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has created plenty of challenges and opportunities for Financial Services providers and their customers in the last year, as well as the impact of geopolitical and economic pressures on the cyber risk landscape.  Daniel Kandola, Vice President EMEA at Camms also got the opportunity to talk about how Governance, Risk and Compliance professionals can get strategic value from their GRC programmes alongside reducing risk and meeting regulatory requirements.

Daniel warned that the traditional approach that focuses predominantly on risk mitigation and compliance could stifle opportunities, with risks that are worth taking to grow a business ending up being missed. Kandola gave a number of reasons why organisations often don’t integrate risk & compliance with strategy, these included;

  • Simplistic or overly complex risk management models.
  • A lack of understanding of how risk management and strategy development & execution integrate best into a business.
  • A lack of clarity on the risk appetite of the organisation.
  • Treating ERM as a primarily compliance-related activity.

Daniel shared tips on how organisations can overcome those obstacles to get real value and strategic intelligence from their GRC programmes. He noted that it’s important to structure processes to create business agility, by anticipating risk and being able to make business decisions & process changes at a rapid pace. As a warning he added “All too often the senior team focus on setting the big picture strategy, with risk and compliance working at a purely operational level”.

Visit the Camms Booth

We are confident that the 2023 conference on 28 February will offer attendees the opportunity to form many new meaningful business relationships. We invite you to stop by our booth where our experts look forward to sharing their perspectives and experiences on how we can help you to de-risk your business with regulatory knowledge, build a scalable compliance programme, and pursue growth opportunities without fear of regulatory backlash.  

For further information on the fifth annual RegTech Live Conference or to secure your place please visit:

To discover how Camms can help you perfect an integrated approach to Governance, Risk & Compliance across your organisation, simply request a demo.

Daniel Kandola

Vice President, EMEA

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