GRC Implementation Survival Kit

Have you ever experienced a problematic Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software implementation project? — or are you looking to implement a new programme or make changes to an existing one?

Download our GRC Implementation Survival Kit and get access to not one, not two, but THREE indispensable pieces of content to help you get a step ahead when navigating the potential complexities associated with GRC implementation.

Whether you’re looking to move away from a manual spreadsheet-based approach or have gone down the software route previously and not achieved the success you hoped for this kit will ensure you consider all the factors before choosing a solution for your business.

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In the GRC Implementation Survival Kit, you will receive…

Free eBook - Guide to Avoiding a Failed GRC Implementation Project

Explore the crippling pain points of a GRC implementation project — and learn how to avoid them.

Discover how to maximise the value of your GRC investment.

On-Demand Webinar - When GRC Implementation Goes Horribly Wrong

Navigate the common pitfalls that could spell disaster for your GRC software implementation project before you’re up the creek without a paddle.

Infographic - The 8 Crippling Pain Points of GRC Implementation

The process of implementing innovative GRC platforms is often mismanaged, learn how to avoid the common pain points when implementing your next GRC solution to ensure success.

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