Cyber Risk Governance Pack

Before the pandemic organizations were adopting technology in their operation to streamline business processes. This uptake has only accelerated due to dispersed workforces across the globe and with it created a new challenge to businesses of all sizes, the rise of Cyber Risk.

To help you deal with this rise, we have put together a Cyber Risk Governance Pack. The pack is designed to help your organization understand where Cyber Risk falls within your organization, the consequences of an attack, and how to report it to your Executives and the Board in an easily consumed way.

Download the Cyber Risk Governance Pack, and you’ll receive THREE pieces of our Cyber Risk content to help you build your plan to mitigate against your cyber risks and keep stakeholders informed.


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In the Cyber Risk Governance Pack, you will receive…

Whitepaper - Cyber Risk Management: Does Cyber Risk get Enough Boardroom Airtime?

Cybercrime is no longer in its infancy; it is an established threat with severe consequences that businesses cannot ignore – and it is up to the board to lead the fight with innovative countermeasures.

Read more about why cyber risk should be top of your boardroom agenda in this whitepaper.

On-Demand Webinar - Engaging Corporate Governance to Improve Cyber Risk Management

Join Chief Strategy Officer, Beau Murfitt, and Principal Consultant, Brad Smith, to look at how organizations can more effectively govern and oversee their cyber risks and protect their stakeholders’ interests.

Blog - Why Reporting Cyber Risks is Essential to Combating Cybercrime

The past year has seen the rate of cybercrime increase across the globe at an alarming rate for organizations of all industries and sizes. In our blog, we diskuss how businesses can proactively stay on top of cyber risks and protect against them.

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