Incident reporting and monitoring

Report actual incidents and near misses as they happen, conduct investigations, determine impact and monitor cases until closed.

Incident reporting and monitoring

Report incidents and near misses as they happen, conduct investigations, determine impact and manage cases through to closure. Our incident management capability allows you to:

  • Ensure your incident management processes follows best practices
  • Improve accountability around incidents by ensuring assigned personnel responsible every step of the way, with approval sign-offs where necessary
  • Capture incidents, events and near misses as they occur using our cloud-based solution and native mobile app
  • Extend your incident management to third parties, vendors and contractors with our incident reporting portal
  • Ensure incidents are traced back to originating risks, to enable course corrections with their controls and treatment actions to avoid future incidents
  • Monitor and report on your incidents, including automated email and SMS notifications and flexible reporting and dashboards

Cloud-based incident management systems is also vital for complete oversight of business incidents, such as, cyber breaches, WHS incidents, business disruptions and much more. Scroll down to find out more:

  • Be prepared for a Cyber Breach
  • Manage Business Disruptions Better
  • Transform your Manual Incident Management Process

Key features


Our flexible and intuitive workflows help drive the incident and event process and dynamically adapt based on conditions and scenarios. Customise every aspect of the workflow to fit your needs.

Investigations and Root Cause Analysis

Establish and monitor your own investigation templates or leverage one of our standard templates to support a variety of root cause analysis techniques. Critically, this allows in-depth root cause analysis to be monitored, tracked and reported upon.

Alerts and Notifications

Ensure all incidents are informed to the right people with escalations where necessary, with built-in array of email and SMS notifications which can be sent based on a wide range of trigger criteria.

Mobile App

Ensure your team can report incidents from anywhere, anytime using our native mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Incident Reporting Portal

Enable vendors, contractors and other third parties to report incidents using an external facing incident portal. This can also enable anonymous reporting for employees on sensitive matters like for whistleblowers, where they may not want to be identified by creating cases under their own names.

Dashboarding and Reporting

A variety of visually impressive in-built dashboards and reports allow users at all levels to scrutinise the data, making informed decisions and judgments so much easier.

Use cases


Be prepared for a cyber breach

With your employees’ increased reliance on cloud-based communication and access, the ability for your organisation to quickly and effectively respond to any cyber security incidents is critical. Watch our video to see how Camms.Incident streamlines the incident process, from the recording of a breach or other cyber security event through to investigation and response, in order to minimise any impacts and prevent re-occurrence. This can be adapted to align with global best practice processes such has GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, PCI DSS and ISO 27001/27002.

Manage business disruptions better

Forget messy and time consuming excel spreadsheets. Reporting, investigating and responding to business disruptions should be a streamlined process. Organisations need a cloud-based system to act as a single source of truth, offering deeper and more accurate insights so you can react faster and minimise impacts. Watch the video to see how Camms.Incident can help your organisation be more agile in the face of interruptions.

Transform your manual incident management process

Is your incident reporting system manual and time consuming? Struggling to convince teams to properly log incidents? Are you concerned about the lack of oversight you have on incidents in your workplace to keep your workforce safe? Watch the video to see how Camms.Incident can help you to digitise, streamline and increase your oversight to what is really happening.

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