Integrated GRC Solutions for the Gambling & Gaming Sector

A highly regulated industry like gambling & gaming demands a comprehensive regulatory compliance framework and an efficient risk management programme backed by strong governance.

Other gambling & gaming organisations we work with include:

Single Source of Truth

Our solution offers a single source of auditable truth for your risk and compliance programme.

Compliance Management

You’ll enjoy effective management of your compliance and regulatory change obligations.

Demonstrable Proof

Provide demonstrable proof of an effective risk & compliance programme to auditors and regulators.

Gambling with compliance is a risky bet, make sure you protect your business with a comprehensive GRC platform

Our integrated solutions are currently supporting gambling & gaming organisations across the globe to keep track of the complex, evolving regulatory change landscape. Our agile GRC software allows businesses to implement best practice processes to manage regulatory compliance, information security and risk management, providing a single source of auditable truth for regulators.


Our best-practise solutions can be pre-configured to meet the specific needs of businesses in the gambling and gaming industry.

Rapid time to Value

Our pre-built solutions are ready to be deployed and can be live within weeks.


Our SaaS based software solution is hosted in the cloud for maximum flexibility.

Transform your risk & compliance program

Watch our short video to understand how Camms is working with gambling and gaming companies to simplify and streamline their risk & compliance programmes by using best-practice technology to minimise risk and achieve compliance.

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Functionality to Meet the Needs of the Gambling & Gaming Sector


Regulatory Compliance

Easily manage constantly changing regulatory environments and compliance frameworks. Identify and effectively manage your compliance obligations across legislative, procedural, regulatory and policy-based obligations.

  • Receive notifications of regulatory changes that impact your business and assign individual responsibility and overall accountability using workflows and notifications
  • Access detailed obligation libraries based on global legislation and regulations
  • Track progress against obligations and corrective actions
  • Access dashboards and reports to analyse your compliance profile
  • Easily provide a structured audit trail and demonstrate proof of compliance to regulators

Risk Management

Make operational risk management part of your culture so you can identify, track and manage risks with confidence. Link your risk management processes to your strategy, enabling you to achieve your vision, goals and objectives.

  • Conduct risk assessments and establish risk registers to easily identify new risks
  • Establish a comprehensive control framework to flag risk tolerances against industry and regulatory standards
  • Establish key risk indicators and link them to risks and controls for ongoing monitoring
  • Compare controls against your defined risk appetite and current risk ratings to determine risk treatment
  • Create a risk-aware and accountable culture with automated workflows and alerts
  • Access dashboards and reports to provide detailed insight into your risk management activities

Cyber & IT Risk Management

Ensure that cyber risk is given visibility across all levels of your organisation by monitoring and managing cyber and data privacy risk in a central location.

  • Identify cyber risks using risk assessments to build a risk library and a comprehensive risk register
  • Centralise cyber risks into one location through API integrations with other systems
  • Establish controls and KRI’s for each risk to facilitate on-going monitoring
  • Enable business leaders to understand cyber risk through interactive heat maps and dashboards
  • Facilitate management of key information security frameworks, including ISO 27001, GDPR and NIST 800
  • Implement a cyber incident management process including investigation, root cause analysis and remediation
  • Conduct cyber audit management and track results and actions to build an audit trail


4 Pillars to Remain Agile in the
Gambling & Gaming Sector

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Excel-lent Reasons to Ditch Spreadsheets for GRC


Gambling with Compliance is a Risky Bet

The gambling and gaming industry is built on taking risks. But in contrast gambling and gaming operators must work to mitigate the risks they and their customers face and encourage a responsible approach to risk taking in this closely scrutinised, and highly regulated industry.

Excel-lent Reasons to Ditch Spreadsheets for GRC


10 Steps to Achieve a Best Practice Regulatory Compliance Programme

In this eBook, we explore the challenges around manual regulatory change management, we take a tour through the top 10 regulatory compliance issues facing businesses, and we provide a step-by-step guide to help you achieve a best practice regulatory compliance programme.

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