Risk Management

Embed risk management into your culture and change the narrative of risk in your organisation. Identify, track and manage risks with confidence.

Industry Recognised

Our software is recognised by a number of leading analyst and review organisations including Gartner, Forrester, Chartis Research, G2 and Capterra.

Flexible and easy to use

Get maximum buy-in across the organisation with an intuitive solution that’s designed for everyone to use.

Rapid time to value

Rapid time to value, with solutions that are deployed quickly and configured for how you want to use them.

Risk management to shape your business
and empower your team

  • Drive
  • Maximise
  • Decide
  • Create
Link risk management processes to your strategy, enabling clear visibility to achieve your vision, goals and objectives.
Intuitive updating and analysis views make it straightforward for users to work through the risk assessment process.
Make the right decisions whilst taking the management of risk and uncertainty into account, with an added focus on understanding the impact of risks on your organisation.
Deliver on strategy with certainty, while laying out accountability and linking it to personal performance and development plans.

Risk management capabilities

Establish & identify risks

Establish your risk registers and customise them to ensure you see critical information that matters to you at a glance. Easily identify new risks, conduct inherent, residual and target risk assessments, establish causal factors and have regular reviews. All of these are encapsulated in a simple and streamlined user interface, with centralised personal views and built-in email alerts to help drive effective and ongoing risk management.

Comprehensive control framework

Establish a comprehensive control framework in line with industry and regulatory standards including ISO 31000, COSO and SOX compliance requirements. We make the system easy to use, with a centralised control library, allowing the alignment and assessment of controls relative to a number of risks. Link your controls to detailed bow-tie visualisations, assurance activities and control assessments to inform your internal and external evaluations and decision-making.

Treatments and mitigating actions

Document, assign and track a detailed treatment plan to assist in the implementation of controls and management of the risks on an ongoing basis. Compare against your defined risk appetite and current risk ratings to determine the treatment actions that are required.

Governance and security

We make it easy to identify and report risks to different groups in your organisation. Approval processes help ensure endorsement of risks prior to their reporting. Comprehensive security structures mean access can be controlled to ensure sensitive information can be compartmentalised and viewable only to authorised users.

Dashboards and bow-tie visualisations

Sometimes, it helps to see things more visually. Our inbuilt dashboards provide detail insight into your risk management activities at varying levels of the organisation. Bow-tie visualisations can be used to assist in risk identification – they’ll help support the analysis of cause and consequence relationships to controls.

Key risk indicators

In dynamic and fast-moving organisations dealing with facts is critical. Key indicators can be established and linked to risks to assist in the validation and rating of risks on an ongoing basis. Analyse and explore risk impacts through the available quantitative risk analysis techniques.


In today’s world everything is interrelated and knowing what these are is crucial. That’s why our solution allows the establishment of linkages between every single element – know what incidents relate to your risks, which audits they have come up in, strategies that depend on a particular risk being managed or compliance requirements that mandate the mitigation of certain risks.

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