Performance Management Software

Help your staff to focus on the things that matter with an out of the box solution that links individual performance to your strategic objectives.


Integrate your staff performance with organisational strategy.


Empower staff to drive their own performance and career development.


Provide leaders with insights into organisational and individual performance via real time analytics and reporting.

Performance management capabilities

Flexible assessments

Build your assessments around criteria matters most to the organisation and individual, using a host of standard assessment options plus build your own with custom elements.


Design once, use many times with our comprehensive templating feature for administrators, allowing the creation of one template that can be applied in bulk to staff.

Simplified Reporting

Simplified reporting

Streamlined reporting outputs, with comprehensive individual assessment reports, executive summary reports and administrative data extraction of excel reports.

360° evaluations

Get the whole picture, with assessments including anonymous feedback from colleagues around key assessment criteria.

Dashboards and analytics

Inbuilt dashboards and analytics, providing an easy to use organisational view of individual performance, assessment progress and skill gaps.

Training applications

Allow employees to submit requests for training that they would like to participate in, with the option for their managers to review and approve. This works with automatic integration to their individual assessment so there’s a record of all trainings at the end of the assessment period.

Job library

Build and maintain a comprehensive job library, outlining all positions within the organisation, its relationship to the overall organisation structure and details of the job along with required qualifications and skills.

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