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Discover how the latest enterprise risk management software can support your organization to streamline and automate risk management processes.

Highly rated

Camms’ enterprise risk management (ERM) software is highly rated by leading analyst and customer review sites like Capterra, Forrester, Chartis, G2, and Gartner.

Intuitive user experience

Our ERM software has a modern user interface that enables all employees across the organization to feed into the risk management process as part of their daily role, enhancing stakeholder engagement.

Rapid deployment

Our corporate cyber risk management software can be rapidly deployed and configured to meet any individual requirements.

Enterprise Risk Management Software
which generates risk insights and drives informed decision-making

  • Identify
  • Monitor
  • Report
  • Control
Operational risk management platform register

Build an online enterprise risk register and categorise and rate risk according to your preferred risk framework.

By implementing an enterprise risk management tool, you can easily understand when Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) are reaching an intolerable level and make the necessary changes.

Our cloud-based ERM software enables teams to run a variety of risk reports including heat maps, bow-tie visualisations, and dashboard visualisations.

Our enterprise risk management tool enables teams to set internal controls and carry out control testing to control risk levels.

How does Enterprise Risk Management Software work?

Operational risk management platform register

Build a risk register

Create an online risk register within the enterprise risk management platform and rate and segment risks according to their criticality and type. The Camms ERM solution offers advanced functionality compared to other enterprise risk management software vendors as teams can create infinite risk registers, types, and categories. Use our enterprise risk software to carry out online risk assessments that feed into your risk library.

Monitor risk & establish a risk appetite

Our enterprise risk management solution enables organisations to set Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and define risk appetite – to ensure risk levels remain within the desired guidelines.

Risk management software showing heatmap and adjustments on its dashboard
Interface of business risk management software interface

Build a comprehensive control library

Our enterprise risk management systems provide a framework for organizations to manage risks and controls in line with COSO, ISO 31000, and SOX requirements, integrating key capabilities like policy and audit management. ERM software solutions allow risks to be mapped to the relevant controls to understand risk exposure.

Implement Risk Treatment Plans

Our enterprise risk management software solutions offer templates to build detailed risk treatment plans. Workflow automation notifies risk owners and facilitates a step-by-step process to address, respond to, and mitigate risk.
Interface of business risk management software interface
Interface of business risk management software interface

Evaluate risk

Our top ERM software platform provides detailed insight into your risk profile via a series of dashboards & reports – personalized to each individual user with analytics and real-time data. Frontline workers can use our enterprise risk management systems to easily complete risk assessments and control checks using online forms, meanwhile executives and the board can view comprehensive dashboards & reports on risk levels and current risk exposure.

Manage incidents through to resolution

The Camms corporate risk management solutions offer best-practice incident reporting functionality – enabling incidents to be captured, escalated, and controlled expeditiously. Controls can easily be set to reduce risk levels and risks can be linked to related incidents to ascertain the root-cause.
ERM software dashboard showing workflow configuration details

Why choose Enterprise Risk Management Software
from Camms?

Fast implementation
Our enterprise risk management SaaS platform is implemented quickly to ensure a maximum return on your investment. Our usual go live time is around 3 months!
Completely configurable
Compared to other enterprise risk assessment software our solution is highly configurable, firms can easily adopt our out-of-the-box best-practice templates and forms and tailor them to meet their individual needs.
Built on the latest technology
Our enterprise risk management system software offers risk management capabilities built on the latest modern responsive technology, making our platform stable and highly secure with sub-second screen loading.
Modern user interface

Our leading GRC ERM software offers a modern, intuitive user interface – making it effortless for your whole organisation to carry out risk related tasks online.

Mobile app
Our software for risk management offers a mobile app enabling staff to carry out risk assessments & checks and perform risk related tasks on the move, anytime, anywhere.
Multiple languages
Our enterprise risk management system software is available in many different languages enabling employees from across the world to feed into your risk management programme to build a consolidated view of risk.
Map risk to business objectives

Our enterprise risk management solutions company offers ERM software that allows teams to link risk to organisational goals – enabling firms to take the right level of risk to achieve objectives without exceeding their risk appetite.

Data security & privacy

The Camms solution for enterprise risk management is highly secure and is SOC Type 1&2, ISO 27001, and Cyber Essentials certified. Our risk management website offers role-based access controls, encryption, and audit trails to ensure data privacy and compliance with regulatory requirements.

API integrations
Camms’ enterprise risk management software provides API integrations – supporting you to pull in risk data from other spreadsheets and data sources directly into your ERM platform – ensuring a single source of truth for risk data.

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Frequently asked questions about
Enterprise Risk Management Software

When selecting an enterprise risk management software vendor, firms must think about who will be using the tool and what data outputs they need to extract.

When scoping out requirements for enterprise risk management solutions you must consider:

  • Are there any GRC regulations that you must comply with that will affect how you structure your programme?
  • Which framework will you use to rate and categorise risk.
  • Can the enterprise risk management tool be customised to meet any niche requirements?
  • Can the enterprise risk management tool grow with you and provide more functionality as your organisation expands?
  • What information security protection does the corporate risk management software have?
  • Does the enterprise risk software link to your other systems and data sources via API Integrations to ensure reliable risk data? 
  • Who needs to access the integrated risk management software and what data will they input and what reports & metrics do they need to view and extract from the platform?

The benefits of utilising an ERM platform include:

  • Reduction in time spent on risk management reporting and administrative tasks.
  • Enterprise risk management software provides a consolidated view of risk across the whole organisation.
  • Enterprise Risk management tools enable the entire enterprise to feed into the risk management process as part of everyday operations – creating comprehensive risk data to guide decision-making.
  • Enterprise risk management tools generate better visibility of an organization’s risk profile and risk exposure, utilizing real-time analytics for optimized decision-making.
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment Software offers a reduction in risk monitoring and reporting costs.
  • Integrated risk management platforms enhance an organisations risk management strategy, by enabling firms to link risk management to strategic objectives and enterprise performance.
  • Choose an enterprise risk management tool that is easily configurable as it will eliminate costly professional services fees.
  • Choose enterprise risk management software with limitless risk registers, types, and categories for effective risk management.
  • Select an enterprise risk reporting platform that offers instant reports and live dashboards that can be customised to suit your internal requirements.
  • Select an enterprise risk software solution that integrates with your other systems to ensure a single source of truth for your risk data.
  • Look for reliable corporate risk management software that offers other GRC functionality like governance, compliance, incident reporting, and ESG – it is more efficient to manage these functions in the same ERM platform and integrate the data for enhanced reporting.
  • Poor quality enterprise risk data due to a lack of data governance rules.
  • Managing risk data across various forms and spreadsheets leads to inaccuracies and discrepancies.
  • Disparate ERM data located across spreadsheets creates inconsistent risk data, and a poorly defined risk framework that results in inaccurate reporting outputs. 
  • Relying on manual processes that don’t offer automation slows down the risk escalation and risk resolution process.
  • A lack of integration across the organization makes it difficult to map risks to the associated controls and risk mitigation measures in our ERM program.
  • Organisations are unable to compare risk holistically across different sites, departments, and countries due to siloed data and inconsistent risk frameworks.

Access our online calculator tool to find out how much you could save in terms of cost and hours spent on managing risks if you were to move to an enterprise risk management platform. Simply complete the relevant details about how you currently manage risk in your organization and our ROI calculator will provide high level estimates on the potential time and money you could save by implementing an ERM tool.

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