Maturing your business’ decision-making by building a risk-informed planning function

To strike a balance between risk and reward, senior decision-makers must recognise which risks have the greatest potential to impact the business and understand how to manage them to enhance performance, drive value creation and ensure sustainability – bringing proactive risk management into sharp focus. Yet traditionally, there has been a disconnect between enterprise risk management (ERM) and strategic planning – the modus operandi of most businesses.

In this eBook, we provide insights and practical approaches to building a risk informed planning function which includes understanding your current risk capabilities, integrating risk into business planning and management routines, and the benefits of achieving risk-informed decision making.

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By reading this eBook you will understand

How organisations can build a risk-informed strategic planning function

What key risk indicators (KRIs) can add value to your organisation’s strategic planning function

The potential pitfalls of failing to integrate your organisation’s risk and strategy functions

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