Cyber Risk Management: Does cyber risk get enough boardroom airtime?


It’s safe to say that the pandemic has reshaped the workplace overnight, with altered business models and expanded digital footprints widening the attack surface for cyber-criminals.

Boards that still needed persuading about the merits of establishing a proactive business-wide cyber risk strategy were left in little doubt with the rapid increase in cyber attacks which spread during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cybercrime is no longer in its infancy; it is an established threat with severe consequences that cannot be ignored by businesses – and it is up to the board to lead the fight with innovative countermeasures.



By reading this eBook, you will understand; 

The core cyber risk threats that today’s businesses are facing.

Why cyber risk should be top of your Boardroom agenda.

The integral part that a risk management system plays in tackling evolving cyber threats.

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