The Power of a Mature GRC Function: From Building Blocks to a GRC First Culture

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About the Virtual Roundtable

When it comes to risk management, integration is a under-utilised step towards maturity. Without “connecting the dots” between their Governance, Risk and Compliance management activities, organisations could miss out on opportunities to make significant improvements in performance, risk awareness and decision-making.

You’re invited to our exclusive roundtable with respected voices in the governance, risk and compliance management space. Join Managing Director of RiskCom, Earl Eddings, Chief Executive Officer at RMIA, Simon Levy, and Camms’ Chief Strategy Officer, Beau Murfitt, as they guide you in achieving a strong GRC program.

Explore the key benefits of adopting an integrated approach to GRC, assess each stage of the risk maturity curve, examine case studies and learn how to overcome common issues stemming from siloed GRC functions on spreadsheets or outdated systems.

Who should attend? This virtual roundtable event is designed for organisations keen on examining their risk journey, leaving spreadsheets behind, scaling to an integrated approach and linking strategy to their risk management processes.

Roundtable discussion highlights:

Why integration is important for GRC maturity?

How to build a mature and successful GRC function? And, where do you start?

What goes into building and scaling a successful GRC function?

Cultivating a GRC aware culture

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