Structuring GRC to Build an Agile Business Model

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Businesses are constantly faced with challenges – from unexpected risks to new regulations and black swan events like the pandemic. Therefore, adopting an agile business model that enables an organisation to pivot plans and change course at a moment’s notice is essential. This level of flexibility demands access to the right information at the right time to make data-backed decisions that consider all possible outcomes and the associated risks and opportunities.

In this webinar with renowned thought leader and author Norman Marks, we explore how you can structure core business processes spanning Governance, Risk, Compliance, Strategic Planning, Performance Management, and Project Management to make your business more agile. We demonstrate how further integrating those key areas can bring business intelligence to guide decision-making and provide the foresight to anticipate risk and opportunities and adapt quickly.

Duration: 60 minutes

What you will learn….

How a comprehensive risk management programme can help you to anticipate risk and opportunities and take appropriate actions.

How integrating risk management with strategic planning and performance management can help you operationalise change fast.

How to grow business agility through informed and intelligent decision-making, both strategic and tactical, at all levels of the organisation.

How an integrated approach to GRC and strategy enables you to structure an agile, responsive business model.

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