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How Do You Turn ESG From a PR Exercise Into a Value-Creating Function?

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Every organisation must grapple with how it deals with and integrates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) into its broader organisation strategy. Why? Because your business, like every business, needs to ensure a sustainable future.

With ESG becoming a critical area of focus for many Board and Executive teams we have been hearing many questions from clients about how they can build a meaningful approach to ESG. As it continues to grow and expand, ESG needs to sit within the risk function of an organisation inform company policy and strategy as opposed to being a PR stunt. So how do organisations make their ESG strategy meaningful?

Watch our on-demand webinar, “How Do You Turn ESG From a PR Exercise Into a Value-Creating Function?”, with Simon Levy, CEO at the RMIA, David Turner, CEO at RiskNZ, and our very own Beau Murfitt. The three will look at why ESG matters, the value it brings to an organisation and how businesses can give it true meaning and purpose.

Simon Levy

Chief Executive Officer | RMIA

Simon has 20 years of experience as a risk professional and has collaborated closely with senior executives for globally recognised brands and organisations contributing to strategic intent by ensuring accountability for effective risk mitigation.

David Turner

Chief Executive Officer | RiskNZ

David is a senior business executive and trusted advisor with over 20 years’ experience in the risk management industry. He has worked in New Zealand for organisations such as Deloitte, KPMG, Defence, MOJ and PwC. He brings a unique blend of expertise across diverse areas with a focus on risk management of human behavior.

Beau Murffit

Chief People and Strategy Officer | Camms

Beau has more than 20 years of experience at Camms and oversees the company’s strategy. He possesses extensive experience in the entire spectrum of the development and sales of Camms business software solutions.

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