Customer FAQ: Camms Acquired by Riskonnect

We are excited to announce the acquisition of Camms by Riskonnect, the leading provider of integrated risk management technology solutions.

Please find below a list of anticipated questions and answers for our customers related to this exciting news!

Who is Riskonnect?

Riskonnect, a leader in integrated risk management is based in Atlanta Georgia, U.S. and has over 1,100 employees and serves more than 2,400 customers worldwide. Riskonnect was founded in 2007 and is owned by the private equity firm TA Associates. Riskonnect founders set out on a journey to change the way organizations manage and perceive risk. They wanted to develop an automated and integrated solution that allows every risk owner to be more efficient within their own domain, while providing big-picture context necessary for the organization to respond holistically to emerging risks.

Riskonnect offers a fully integrated risk management suite to large-size organizations in the manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and financial services industries in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Riskonnect has offices in multiple U.S. cities and in London, U.K.  Riskonnect is the only risk management solution provider that integrates both insurable and non-insurable helping customers bring “Risk Under One Roof” for a unified view of risk.  

Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Third party Risk Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Internal Controls Management
  • Policy Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Environmental, Social & Governance
  • Project Risk Management

Business Continuity & Resilience

  • Business Continuity Management
  • Operational Resilience
  • Emergency Notification
  • Crisis Management
  • Threat Intelligence

Insurable Risk

  • Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS)
  • Claims administration
  • Health & Safety


  • Patient Safety
  • Peer Review
  • Provider Quality Management

What is the rationale for the acquisition? How is the combination expected to benefit Camms customers?

The acquisition is part of our strategic efforts to enhance our capabilities, expand our reach, and better serve our customers. By joining forces with Riskonnect, we can offer our customers a more comprehensive suite of solutions to address their evolving needs. We believe with the combined global talent and integrated technology, both companies will be in a better position to service customers across the world:

  • Access to Additional Risk and Compliance Capabilities
    The combined strengths of Riskonnect and Camms open exciting opportunities for Camms customers to have access to Riskonnect’s RMIS and Business Continuity & Resilience solutions for a more end-to-end, integrated view of risk.
  • Expanded Global Coverage
    Improved Service Coverage: With an expanded global footprint, customers that have global operations can experience improved customer service capabilities. By expanding our global footprint, we have more options and resources to inform our strategy of continuous improvement in the customer experience.
    Expanded Networking Opportunities: With a new global presence existing customers have the chance to network and collaborate with a broader peer community. This can be beneficial for organizations that operate in multiple regions, fostering partnerships and collaborations.
  • Increased Solution Investment & Innovation
    This strategic alliance signifies a commitment to greater investments in solutions, fostering innovation, and expanding global reach to meet the evolving needs of businesses worldwide.

Why is Riskonnect right for Camms?

The two companies are very aligned based on their culture, view of the market, and a commitment to customer success.  With this shared DNA, the combination provides new and broadened opportunities for Camms customers, elevates our combined resources for innovation in the arena of GRC, and creates opportunities for growth and development of Camms employees.

How will this change impact customers?

The acquisition is viewed as an opportunity to enhance our ability to serve customers by expanding our business capabilities, providing a broader array of services, and extending our geographic reach. This change is aimed offering enhanced solutions to our valued customers.

What will happen to the current Camms and Riskonnect products? What products are going to be sold?

Both Camms and Riskonnect products will continue to be sold and supported as they are today.  Our strategy is to offer the best possible integrated risk solution based on the needs of the customer, their location and where they are in their risk management journey.  Furthermore, Riskonnect and Camms will collaborate to bring additional functionality such as IT Risk and Strategy to existing Riskonnect customers.

Will existing Camms customer contracts be honored?

Yes.  All contracted services will remain intact. We will honour our commitments and continue to provide the contracted services as agreed upon and expected. 

Will the quote Camms gave me still be honored?

Yes.  All contracted services will remain intact. We will honor our commitments and continue to provide the contracted services as agreed upon and expected.

Are the reasons we chose our current solution still valid?

Yes, absolutely. The overall value proposition will naturally be enhanced to incorporate the strengths in the Riskonnect solution. The addition of Riskonnect capabilities through the acquisition will notably enhance our overall service offerings and market positioning. Notably, Riskonnect brings robust capabilities in insurable risk, a domain previously unexplored by Camms. The offering from Camms, still encompasses all the differentiating factors that it did before, including, but not limited to, our modular approach which can enable you to scale as your needs evolve and grow and our ability to link risk to strategic objectives in a single platform. 

Who will lead the combined business?

Jim Wetekamp, the CEO of Riskonnect, will have overall leadership responsibilities for the combined business. With Camms’ strong footprint and cutting-edge solution, Camms will remain operating as it is today under the leadership of Adam Collins as President. This will ensure Camms customers continue to receive the level of care and access to innovation as they do today, while taking advantage of additional solutions made available through Riskonnect’s integrated risk offering.

Are any staff at risk of leaving?

We know how important it is to maintain service continuity, especially for employees that are customer-facing.  We are working diligently to support all our colleagues in this transition period.

What risks do you foresee with this integration that will impact the Camms customer experience?

Since our plan is for Camms to remain operating as it is today under the Riskonnect brand, we expect no impact to customer experience.  There are always areas to improve, so we will be working together internally to share best practices across both companies to ensure we deliver the best customer experience.

Will the location of where my data is being hosted change, or will my data be shared due to the acquisition?

No, there are no immediate plans to change the location where our customer data is being hosted, and your system data will not be shared as part of the acquisition.

What is the product integration strategy? 

Both Camms and Riskonnect products will continue to be sold and supported.  Our plans are to focus product integration on use cases that support Camms customers on their integrated risk management journey.  We believe the integration between Camms GRC and Riskonnect Business Continuity & Resilience and RMIS will bring additional value to the combined customer base.

What are the plans and timings for platform integration (Camms and Riskonnect)?

As we progress through the integration planning, we will keep you informed about any developments related to this matter. Your feedback and insights are invaluable to us, and we welcome any thoughts you may as we develop our plans. 

Will there be a name change in the foreseeable future?

Camms will be branded as a Riskonnect company. In the spirit of presenting a unified and cohesive presence to our stakeholders, we will be evaluating the possibility of a company name change in the coming phases of this process.  A unified brand will not only streamline our communications but also reinforce our shared values and vision.

Who do we contact if we have questions regarding the acquisition?

We encourage customers to reach out to their existing account manager or contact our Customer Success team at Your account manager and our Customer Success team will be well-equipped with key talking points and information to address any inquiries you may have during this transition period. Customer satisfaction and peace of mind remain our top priorities.

About Camms

With integrated solutions in GRC, strategy, projects, and people, Camms’ business software will help businesses make the right decisions, manage risks, align the talents of the organization, and focus on what matters. With over 25 years of experience, Camms has continually invested in ensuring its software supports organizations to achieve their goals. It has tens of thousands of users across five continents, with offices in the UK, North America, Australia, and Asia. Camms thrives on watching its clients achieve results and stay a step ahead. To learn more, visit

About Riskonnect

Riskonnect is the leading integrated risk management software solution provider. Its technology empowers organizations with the ability to anticipate, manage, and respond in real-time to strategic and operational risks across the extended enterprise. More than 2000 customers across six continents use its unique risk-correlation technology to gain previously-unattainable insights that deliver better business outcomes. Riskonnect has more than 1100 risk management experts in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. To learn more, visit

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