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Evolving GRC: Pathways to Maturing Your Processes

On-Demand Virtual Roundtable

GRC maturity is a journey and not every organisation will take the same path. Working towards GRC maturity requires steady advancements in leadership collaboration, process efficiencies, and the right technology enablement that will in turn allow you to strengthen the maturity of your risk and compliance programs.

Tools & Techniques to Mature Risk Management in the Education Sector

Webinar | On-Demand

Due to its highly regulated nature and regular audits & inspections, the education sector carries its own unique set of risk & compliance requirements. Combine this with the pressure to modernise facilities, keep pace with the latest technology, and provide a high-level of education to meet targets, and educational institutions have a lot to manage.

A Risk Manager’s Approach to Changing the Perception and Value of Risk

Webinar | On-Demand

A recent survey of 500 global board members by EY revealed that risk management today is not always aligned with business strategy and is too entrenched in the here and now – revealing just how little value is placed on risk management’s role in setting of company strategy.

Why Enterprise Performance should be at the Heart of GRC

Webinar | On-Demand

Too often GRC is managed by siloed departments without considering overall enterprise performance as a key driver. In this webinar we want to flip GRC on its head as we discuss why enterprise performance and strategic objectives should be the driving force behind your GRC programme.

Whitepapers & Reports

Using Automation to Build a Consolidated View of Third-Party Risk

eBook | Download

Every organisation relies on a network of third parties to keep their operations running smoothly. But how reliable are the vendors & suppliers that you depend on?

10 GRC capabilities financial firms can’t do without!

eBook | Download

Managing Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) is a fundamental part of the operating model of any organisation in the financial services sector. GRC technology capabilities are evolving at a rapid rate providing more capabilities to streamline processes, meet regulatory requirements, and provide business intelligence to support strategic decision-making.

The Art of Policy Management

eBook | Download

Without a comprehensive set of policies & procedures, businesses open themselves up to a world of ambiguity, unforeseen costs, and fines & penalties. But with so many policies to maintain & communicate, policy management can become a challenge for organisations.

Effective Information is the Lifeblood of Good Governance

Whitepaper | Download

Governance is the cornerstone of a healthy organisation – it signposts how it operates and behaves both internally & externally and within the market it operates. But you can’t demonstrate good governance without the data to back it up – which is why a robust governance framework that ensures staff and leaders are performing in line with rules, policies, and regulations is essential.

RMIA Risk Conference 2023 Highlights

By Brad Smith |

The 2023 RMIA Annual Risk Conference was a superb 3-day event held on the 8th to the 10th of May at the stunning Adelaide Oval. With more than 40 distinguished speakers and 18 cutting-edge topic streams, the conference cemented its status as a premier Australasian gathering for risk management professionals! Every year, the Risk Management … Continued

Beyond the Numbers: Telling Your ESG Story to Stakeholders

By Beau Murfitt |

Demonstrating progress against your ESG initiatives – with clear evidence to ‘back-up’ the claims – builds trust in your organisation, supports your overall corporate reputation, and enhances your relationship with your employees and customers.  So how do you tell your ESG story to stakeholders? To be able to tell a credible ESG story you first … Continued

Risk Management: 10 Reasons to Switch from Spreadsheets to Software

By Daniel Kandola |

If your risk management team is still using spreadsheets, then it might be time to digitise & modernise your processes. Spreadsheets create silos and lack data governance – resulting in poor quality risk data, and manual inputting & reporting tasks. Check out our infographic where we do a direct comparison between spreadsheets vs software for … Continued

Eliminate Legacy Systems & Save Money through Application Rationalisation

By Peter Ramsey |

Most IT leaders today are stuck addressing technical debt in the form of outdated or redundant legacy systems and applications. In a business landscape characterised by uncertain economic conditions where profit is never a guarantee, each day spent paying for unnecessary or duplicate systems is revenue lost. Which is why there has never been a … Continued