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Tools & Techniques to Mature Risk Management in the Education Sector

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Due to its highly regulated nature and regular audits & inspections, the education sector carries its own unique set of risk & compliance requirements. Combine this with the pressure to modernise facilities, keep pace with the latest technology, and provide a high-level of education to meet targets, and educational institutions have a lot to manage.

A Risk Manager’s Approach to Changing the Perception and Value of Risk

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A recent survey of 500 global board members by EY revealed that risk management today is not always aligned with business strategy and is too entrenched in the here and now – revealing just how little value is placed on risk management’s role in setting of company strategy.

Why Enterprise Performance should be at the Heart of GRC

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Too often GRC is managed by siloed departments without considering overall enterprise performance as a key driver. In this webinar we want to flip GRC on its head as we discuss why enterprise performance and strategic objectives should be the driving force behind your GRC programme.

The Value of GRC: A Boardroom Perspective

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The power of integrating risk and strategy is one that many organisations fail to comprehend. However, they may try the struggle for many organisations is a mix of the board failing to understand its value, risk teams working as a department of “no”, and an inability to connect and report on the integration between risk and strategic planning properly.

Whitepapers & Reports

The Art of Policy Management

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Without a comprehensive set of policies & procedures, businesses open themselves up to a world of ambiguity, unforeseen costs, and fines & penalties. But with so many policies to maintain & communicate, policy management can become a challenge for organisations.

Effective Information is the Lifeblood of Good Governance

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Governance is the cornerstone of a healthy organisation – it signposts how it operates and behaves both internally & externally and within the market it operates. But you can’t demonstrate good governance without the data to back it up – which is why a robust governance framework that ensures staff and leaders are performing in line with rules, policies, and regulations is essential.

Building a Strong Business Case for GRC Automation

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Organisations that are able to manage GRC as an integrated program are more successful as it helps accelerate their readiness and improves business performance, yet every solution is different and each business has different needs – which is why scoping out the right tool is critical for success.

Principles of GRC Automation in Education

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Managing risk and achieving compliance is critical for the education sector to protect students, secure funding and keep pace with modern protocols.

10 Signs that Indicate you Need a Better Incident Reporting Process

By Tom Kerin |

How many incidents, hazards and near misses does your organisation experience in a year? Failing to manage and resolve incidents not only puts your employees’ well-being at risk but also the future of your organisation. In this blog, we will examine 10 common signs that indicate you need a better incident reporting process, we share … Continued

Join Camms at the Governance, Risk & Compliance Summit NZ 2023

By Dean Rogers |

The Governance, Risk and Compliance Summit is making its way back to Auckland this February, and Camms is delighted to be a sponsor! Date: Tuesday, 21st February 2023 Time: 8.30am – 5.00pm NZDT Venue: Hilton Auckland, 147 Quay Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand Now that the new year is off and running, GRC … Continued

Top 10 Themes that should be part of your GRC programme in 2023!

By Beau Murfitt |

As organisations look to update their risk registers and obligations libraries for 2023, what new and emerging risks should they be considering?  To make it easy, we have compiled a list of the ‘top 10’ themes that should be part of your GRC programme in 2023! Check out our infographic and see if you have … Continued

3 Ways to Automate Third-Party Risk Management

By Tom Kerin |

Getting visibility of how your vendors, suppliers, and third parties are performing, and understanding the risk they pose to your organisation can be a challenge. Less mature organisations tend to manage third party risk in silos – on an ad hoc basis. Suppliers and vendors are often managed solely by the departments that directly use … Continued