Audit management

Manage internal and external audits and effectively implement recommendations for the findings identified. Our audit management capability helps to:

  • Have a centralised register of all your audits in one place
  • Driving individual accountability and responsibility for corrective actions
  • Enable simplified progress updates on implementing recommendations
  • Comprehensive reporting on overall progress to executives and Audit and Risk Management committees
  • Easily replicate existing audit setup details to reduce the administrative effort in managing recurring audit

Key features

Managing Audits

Develop audits and assurance plans, allowing forward planning of audits coming up with scope statements and methodologies. For completed audits capture their findings and follow up on recommendations.

Findings and Recommendations

Every audit results in a set of observations or findings, followed by recommendations which outline the corrective actions to undertaken. Our solution allows capturing these details, assigning individual responsibility for those recommendation and track, monitor and report on progress.


In today’s world everything is interrelated and knowing what these are is crucial. That’s why our solution has inbuilt capabilities to develop close linkages among related elements. Audit can be linked with related Risks, and Recommendations can be linked and synchronised with Risk Treatment Actions when an action from an audit finding also helps treat a risk that you have identified.

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