Integrated GRC Solutions for the Education Sector

With integrated solutions spanning governance, risk, compliance, audit, strategy planning and project management – we help organisations reduce risk, remain compliant, make the right decisions, and plan for tomorrow.

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Organisations we work with:

Organisations we work with:

Organisations we work with:

Single Source of Truth

Our solution offers a single source of auditable truth for your risk and compliance programme.

Effective Compliance Management

You’ll enjoy effective management of your compliance & regulatory obligations, policies, audits, and inspections.

Demonstrable Proof

Provide demonstrable proof of an effective risk & compliance programme to auditors and regulators.

Protect your organisation with a comprehensive GRC platform

Our integrated solutions are currently supporting the education sector across the globe to manage a complex array of GRC challenges. From key governance, risk & compliance requirements, to audits & inspections, incident management, strategy planning, project management, and ESG, our solution will enable you to manage all the requirements in one platform. Start off small and add functionality as you need it.

Make risk & compliance everyone’s responsibility with a best-practise GRC solution that promotes a risk aware, compliant culture. Use the workflows to automate processes and use the dashboards & reports for increased oversight – and create a single source of auditable truth for regulators.


Our best-practise solutions can be pre-configured to meet the specific needs of the education sector.

Rapid Deployment

Our pre-built solutions are ready to be deployed and can be live within weeks.


Our SaaS based software solution is hosted in the cloud and is highly configurable for maximum flexibility.

Transform your risk & compliance programme

Watch our short video to understand how Camms is working with organisations in the education sector to simplify and streamline their risk & compliance programmes by using best-practice technology to minimise risk and achieve compliance.

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Transform your risk & compliance programme

Watch our short video to understand how Camms is working with organisations in the education sector to simplify and streamline their risk & compliance programmes by using best-practice technology to minimise risk and achieve compliance.

Watch Video

Functionality to Meet the Needs of the Education Sector


Risk Management

Make operational risk management part of your culture enabling you to identify, track, and manage risks with confidence. Link your risk management processes to your strategy, enabling you to achieve your vision, goals and objectives.

  • Conduct risk assessments and establish risk registers to easily identify new risks.
  • Build a comprehensive control framework to flag risk tolerances against industry and regulatory standards.
  • Establish key risk indicators and link them to risks and controls for ongoing monitoring.
  • Compare controls against your defined risk appetite and current risk ratings to determine risk treatment.
  • Create a risk-aware and accountable culture with automated workflows and alerts.
  • Access dashboards and reports to provide detailed insight into your risk management activities.


Identify and effectively manage your compliance obligations across legislative & regulatory obligations and your internal policies, procedures, and values. Easily manage regulatory and legislative changes.

  • Build a detailed obligations library based on relevant legislation, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Assign individual accountability for obligations and track progress and initiate corrective actions.
  • Utilise the automated workflows to manage the regulatory change process.
  • Access dashboards and reports to analyze your compliance profile.
  • Easily provide a structured audit trail and demonstrate proof of compliance.
  • Link to your preferred third-party regulatory content provider and receive notifications of regulatory changes that impact your organisation.


Plan and execute your strategy using a best-practice framework to break down key goals into a series of projects, tasks & actions – and allocate them out across the organisation.

  • Build out your strategic and operational plan going from your high-level goals, outcomes & strategies to lower-level actions & tasks.
  • Simple tree views will help you visualise your plan and track progress.
  • Use automated workflows to ensure your strategic plans move swiftly to the next stage.
  • Monitor and report progress against targets, track financials and create linkages to other areas.
  • Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and scorecards to determine if your strategy is on track.
  • Link your strategy to live operational and transactional data via API connections to link your strategy to your performance objectives.

Incident Management

Report actual incidents and near misses as they happen, conduct investigations, determine impact, and monitor cases until closed.

  • Implement a best-practice incident management process using online forms to log incidents and near misses.
  • Extend your incident management to third parties, vendors, and contractors with our incident reporting portal.
  • Link incidents to processes, departments and staff to understand where most incidents occur.
  • Ensure incidents are traced back to originating risks, to enable course corrections with their controls and treatment actions.
  • Conduct investigations and route cause analysis.
  • Report incidents on-the-go using the mobile app.
  • View dashboards and reports to understand the sources of incidents.

Audits & Inspections

Manage internal and external audits and effectively implement recommendations for the findings identified.

  • Create a centralised register of all your audits in one place.
  • Allocate ownership to drive individual accountability and responsibility for corrective actions.
  • View progress updates on the implementation of recommendations.
  • Access comprehensive automated reports & dashboards to demonstrate progress to executives and Audit and Risk Management committees.
  • Easily replicate existing audit setup details to reduce the administrative effort in managing recurring audits.

Cyber & IT Risk Management

Ensure that cyber risk is given visibility across all levels of your organisation by monitoring and managing cyber and data privacy risk in a central location.

  • Identify cyber risks using risk assessments to build a risk library and a comprehensive risk register.
  • Centralise cyber risks into one location through API integrations with other systems.
  • Establish controls and KRI’s for each risk to facilitate on-going monitoring.
  • Enable board level executives to understand cyber risk through interactive heat maps and dashboards.
  • Facilitate management of key information security frameworks, including ISO 27001, GDPR, and NIST 800.
  • Implement a cyber incident management process including investigation, root cause analysis and remediation.
  • Conduct cyber audit management and track results and actions to build an audit trail.

Project & Portfolio Management

Consistently deliver effective projects and complex portfolios, using best-practice project management tools and techniques within an easy-to-understand platform.

  • Create in depth project plans for all types of projects and portfolios – big or small.
  • Break down large projects into smaller tasks and actions and allocate them out across the organisation.
  • Capture key metrics, like budget & spend, milestone dates & deadlines, KPI’s, and risks.
  • Know how your projects are performing in real time with interactive dashboards and reports.


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