Camms: The brave new world of risk management – Post C-19

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Nothing highlighted the necessity of integrating your risk management framework with your strategic operations more than the global pandemic of 2020. 

Risk management is not something new yet managing it efficiently and effectively has never been more important to ensure the survival and success of any organisation.

COVID (C-19) has impacted the world economy, countries, businesses, and workers so significantly and rapidly that it requires Boards and company leaders to have clear visibility of changes impacting the risk profile of their organisation. The risks (and opportunities) of yesterday are not necessarily the risks requiring urgent attention today. It is from this new lens that leaders can develop their strategies and initiatives to adapt and succeed in the future.

Linking risk-based decision making to vision, strategy and performance

With more than 20 years of experience in Enterprise Performance Management, Camms is a leading risk & performance management solution provider in the enterprise SaaS world. As companies seek to position themselves in the new world now and post C-19 the link between strategy, enterprise performance and risk has never been more apparent.

The unique capability the Camms Team brings to any organisation is a native system-based integration to strategic execution, PPM, performance and scorecards enabling boards and executives to leverage a single point of truth for truly informed and rapid decision making.

It is no coincidence that leading organisations are not just improving risk management but leveraging it to gain competitive advantage as they integrate their risk function into strategic planning for enhanced decision making. This risk informed strategy development and decision making allows organisations to stay ahead of the curve in anticipation of the what’s coming next rather than dealing with response and recovery.

To read the full article visit the recently published article on CIO Review, a leading print magazine which bridges the gap between enterprise IT vendors and buyers.

Warwick Kirby

Former CEO

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