Compliance Monitoring Software

Ensure your organization remains compliant with regulations, policies, and procedures with a compliance monitoring software. Operate in accordance with globally recognized compliance frameworks, effectively manage regulatory change, and automate policy management.

Compliance monitoring software by Camms Group

Regulatory compliance

Create an obligations library and monitor compliance, receive notifications when regulations are amended, and manage regulatory change.

Policy management

Create an online library of policies and procedures, automate policy approvals, escalations, and circulation, and collect employee attestations online.

Compliance workflows

Create automated workflows for key compliance requirements including gifts & hospitality, anti-bribery & corruption, conflicts of interest, sanctions checks, and more.

Our compliance software can help you:


Identify relevant compliance obligations and create an online, searchable ‘obligations register’ to monitor compliance.


Easily prioritize workload, resources, and budgets by understanding the impact of non-compliance.

Reduce Risk

Mitigate compliance risk exposure relating to breaches of key obligations through proactive oversight and management of compliance related risk.


View live obligations registers containing your internal policies, legislation, regulations, compliance frameworks, and authority documents.


Move from a reactive compliance management approach to a more proactive process.


Assign responsibility and accountability for compliance obligations to key stakeholders in your active directory.


Monitor the progression of compliance obligations and the implementation of corrective actions.


Receive notifications from regulatory content providers when there are regulatory changes that impact your organization.

Adhere to Internationally Adopted Compliance Frameworks

Compliance monitoring software capabilities

Manage compliance obligations in a systemised way

Monitor compliance with obligations

Create a comprehensive digital library of relevant regulations, legislation, policies, and procedures to monitor and ensure compliance. Our compliance monitoring software facilitates efficient assessment and documentation of non-compliance, progress tracking, and result analysis. Eliminate operational silos by connecting compliance data with any associated risks, incidents, and breaches.

Operate in accordance with popular compliance frameworks

Leverage our best-practice templates, forms, and workflows to achieve compliance with internationally recognized frameworks such as ISO standards, NIST, GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, and AICPA SOX.

Camms compliance monitoring software with GDPR incident monitoring feature
Manage documents and employee attestations

Obtain compliance attestations

Our compliance automation tool allows organizations to gather thorough documentation and evidence of employee attestations to policies and processes, including evidence-based assessments and supporting documentation.

Receive automated regulatory change notifications

Our compliance monitoring tool seamlessly integrates with your chosen regulatory content provider to deliver real-time regulatory updates directly into your compliance program through partner plug-ins – ensuring effective compliance tracking. It simplifies complex legislation into manageable sections and uses automated workflows to notify owners of policies, procedures, and business processes that require amendments due to changes. This reduces legal costs and accelerates the change management process.

Receive automated notification about regulatory changes
Manage regulatory changes from one dashboard

Regulatory change management

Stay informed about the regulatory changes impacting your organization by using a best-practice regulatory change management process to automate compliance. Connect regulations to the appropriate business processes, policies, and procedure documents, allowing stakeholders to easily identify necessary modifications. The system documents the entire change process through automated workflows, ensuring you can provide regulators with clear evidence of compliance adjustments.

Visualize compliance status with visual dashboards & reports

Our integrated dashboards and reports make compliance reporting effortless. Create customized dashboards for employees at all levels to track their upcoming compliance tasks and key metrics. Generate a variety of reports to visualize your compliance status, identify compliance risks, and support informed decision-making.

monitor compliance statuses from one dashboard
Policy management library feature

Policy management

Develop a comprehensive policy management library that captures essential details for each internal policy or procedure. Utilize workflows to automate the process of policy creation, distribution, approvals, signoffs, and updates. Access reports on policy compliance and employee attestations to showcase adherence to regulations, standards, and internal guidelines.

Gift & gratuities

Mitigate bribery and corruption risks with a best-practice gifts and hospitality procedure. Employees can log the giving and receiving of gifts through online forms. Role-specific rules define acceptable gift levels, while workflows facilitate the escalation and approval process. Controls are in place to flag potential bribery, and staff can easily adjust thresholds to align with policy changes.

mitigate bribery and corruptions with regulated gift options
Manage conflicts of interest by creating a detailed staff profiling

Conflicts of interest & disclosures

Efficiently manage conflicts of interest and disclosures by creating detailed profiles for staff, including relevant personal and professional information such as financial interests, relationships, and affiliations. This database helps identify potential conflicts of interest. Employees can report possible conflicts through online forms, and automated workflows will escalate and track the resolution process, capturing all actions within the platform. Teams can generate various reports on policy adherence, conflict types, risk trends, and the effectiveness of mitigation strategies.

Whistleblowing & anonymous incident reporting

Establish a confidential portal with online forms to facilitate discreet reporting of issues or whistleblowing by employees. Staff can fill out an online form to report potential misconduct. Automated workflows then escalate the incident to the appropriate stakeholder. All evidence is recorded within the system, and workflows allow teams to track each case until it is resolved. The software guarantees anonymity for reporters, and external portals can also be created for vendors and clients.

Management software screen displaying whistleblower incidents with codes, titles, responsible officers, and statuses
Maintain a register of current sanctioned entities

Sanctions checks

Maintain a current register of sanctioned entities, including companies, countries, and jurisdictions. This allows organizations to conduct thorough sanction checks on potential suppliers. Employees can input details such as name, trading alias, registration number, country, trading partners, supply chain data, and origin of goods. The system automatically cross-references this information with the live sanctions list and highlights any potential issues. Automated workflows then escalate potential sanctions breaches to the appropriate stakeholders, enabling them to make informed decisions about proceeding with deals or contracts.

Audit Management

The best compliance software will also offer audit management capabilities to support firms to plan and schedule their internal and external audits and capture the findings. Use automated workflows to roll out online audit checks and capture & report on the findings and implement corrective actions.

Audit management capabilities to make sure your company is compliant

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Why Choose Compliance Monitoring Software from Camms?

Speedy implementation

Our compliance monitoring platform is installed in a short timeframe so you can start enjoying the benefits. Our average go live time is just 3 months.

Easy to configure

Compared to other compliance monitoring tools, our platform is highly configurable. Firms can use our best-practice templates and forms and tailor them to meet their organizational needs.

Built on the latest technology

Our compliance monitoring software is built on the latest modern responsive technology, making our tool stable and extremely secure with screens that load in below one second.

Contemporary user interface

Our leading compliance monitoring software offers a modern, intuitive user interface – making it easy for your entire workforce to carry out compliance related tasks in the tool.

Mobile app

Our compliance monitoring software offers a mobile app – supporting teams to complete compliance checks and receive notifications on the move.

Multiple languages

Our compliance monitoring platform is available in several languages ensuring teams from across the world can complete compliance related tasks in their respective languages.

Flexible workflows

Our compliance monitoring platform offers out-of-the-box workflow templates for key compliance processes like, gifts & hospitality, conflicts of interest, anti-bribery & corruption, sanctions checks and more.

Data security & privacy

The Camms compliance monitoring tool is highly secure and is certified to IT security standards including SOC Type 1&2, ISO 27001, and Cyber Essentials. It offers a structured permissions hierarchy, encryption, and audit trails to ensure data privacy and compliance with security requirements.

API integrations

Camms’ compliance monitoring software can facilitate complex API integrations – enabling firms to pull in compliance data from other spreadsheets and data sources directly into the tool – ensuring a single source of truth for compliance data throughout the organization.

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Frequently asked questions about
Compliance Monitoring Software

Compliance monitoring software solutions are usually online platforms that enable firms to implement best-practice compliance processes as part of a wider GRC program. Firms can use the tools to build an ‘obligations register’ of applicable regulations, legislation, policies, and procedures – and monitor compliance. Organizations can monitor compliance tasks by establishing checks to ensure the relevant processes are in place and are being followed. This is done by monitoring operational data (which can be pulled into the platform via API integrations) and by performing regular checks using workflows and online forms within the platform.

The best compliance management software offers integrations with third party regulatory content providers, enabling firms to receive notifications of upcoming regulatory changes that feed directly into their compliance program. This enables them to easily understand what people, policies and procedures are affected so they can make the necessary changes. Compliance monitoring platforms offer best practice change management workflows to ensure changes are implemented effectively.

Compliance management software platforms offer a variety of out-of-the-box workflows to support companies to operate in line with key compliance frameworks like ISO standards, GDPR, NIST, CPS 230, and PCI DSS. They also offer automated capabilities to set up formalized processes to carry out sanction’s checks, perform supplier due diligence, and set up processes for gifts & hospitality, anti-bribery & corruption measures, and conflicts of interest.

Most tools offer a variety of dashboards and reporting options – enabling teams to get a holistic view of compliance status and investigate problem areas as they click into the detail. Many compliance software solutions enable firms to manage risk & compliance in the same integrated platform enabling firms to easily understand the risk of compliance violations on the organization.

The key features of compliance software include:

  • A digital online searchable obligations library to house compliance regulations.
  • Regulatory horizon scanning through integration with third-party content providers.
  • Regulatory change management workflows.
  • Compliance frameworks to operate in line with key regulations and standards including SOX, GDPR, CPS 230, HIPPA, PCI DSS and many ISO standards.
  • Best-practice templates to manage key compliance processes including:
    • Conflicts-of-interest.
    • Whistleblowing and disclosures.
    • Gifts & hospitality.
    • Anti-bribery & corruption (ABAC).
    • Anti-money laundering (AML).
    • Sanctions checks.
  • Automated compliance reports- Look for platforms that generate automatic compliance reports based on live compliance data.

Compliance monitoring software allows businesses to store all compliance-related documents, policies, and procedures in a single, centralized repository – ensuring all necessary documentation is easily accessible and up-to-date. The software then automatically tracks and monitors compliance-related activities and generates regular compliance status reports. The software can be tailored to meet the specific regulatory requirements of different industries and jurisdictions,

Compliance monitoring platforms offer automated regulatory horizon scanning to get visibility of regulatory changes that could impact the business. Once a change notification is received, automated workflows make it easy to escalate and implement the change and understand what processes, procedures, and policies are affected. The change process is fully documented for audit purposes.

Cloud-based compliance management tools streamline compliance processes and offer real-time insights to strengthen compliance programs. Intuitive dashboards support with issue management and control effectiveness to highlight potential compliance issues quickly.

Compliance monitoring software will be relevant to most organizations regardless of their sector as almost every organization must operate in line with some mandatory regulations or industry standards. Highly regulated sectors like, financial services, healthcare, education, and gambling & gaming will find compliance monitoring software platforms particularly beneficial. Organizations that follow ISO standards including ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 31000 or those that have to comply with GDPR, SOX, NIST, PCI DSS, HIPPA will benefit hugely from implementing a compliance monitoring platform.

  • By enabling firms to keep an up-to-date library of applicable regulations, legal requirements, industry standards and internal policies & procedures – enabling companies to understand their obligations and ensure they remain compliance through regulatory compliance management.
  • By offering best-practice workflows for key compliance checks including conflicts-of-interest, whistleblowing & disclosures, gifts & hospitality, anti-bribery & corruption (ABAC), anti-money laundering (AML), and sanctions checks.
  • By enabling firms to report on compliance status and compliance activities and to implement workflows to address areas of non-compliance quickly.
  • A compliance management system offers structured processes to support teams to operate inline with compliance requirements with minimal training – enhancing collaboration, productivity, and decision-making.
  • Compliance management tools can support firms to operate in line with key compliance frameworks using out-of-the-box templates and forms creating a compliant operating environment.
  • Streamlining and automating compliance processes with automated workflows, instant notifications, generating real-time reports, and providing intuitive dashboards to prioritize compliance tasks and understand regulatory obligations.
  • Compliance monitoring software enables teams to use risk assessment templates to understand the risk of non-compliance – including supply chain risk management.

When choosing compliance management solutions, firms must consider:

  • Does it offer API integrations with other systems and data sources – ensuring a single source of truth for your compliance data?
  • Does the platform offer workflows for conflicts-of-interest, whistleblowing & disclosures, gifts & hospitality, anti-bribery & corruption (ABAC), anti-money laundering (AML), and sanctions checks?
  • Does the compliance monitoring platform offer best-practice policy management capabilities?
  • Does the platform offer templates to operate in line with key compliance frameworks like ISO standards, GDPR, SOX, NIST, PCI DSS, HIPPA, Basel III, COSO, and SOC.
  • Is the compliance automation tool highly configurable so you can tailor out-of-the-box processes to align with any bespoke organizational needs?
  • Do the security features of the compliance monitoring platform align with the requirements of your IT team and is the platform certified to key cybersecurity standards like ISO 27001, SOC Type 1 & 2, and Cyber Essentials?
  • Does the platform offer regulatory horizon scanning by integrating with regulatory content providers to provide live notifications of regulatory change?
  • What reporting outputs does the compliance monitoring platform offer and does it align with your internal and regulatory reporting requirements?
  • Does the compliance monitoring tool offer other GRC capabilities in the same platform including risk management, cyber risk management, third-party risk management, incident reporting, strategic planning, ESG, and project management? Having this functionality available will enable you to scale and mature your program in the future and work towards integrated GRC.
  • The best compliance management tools automate reporting so look for compliance solutions with intuitive dashboards, enabling teams to easily understand their upcoming compliance related tasks and complete them on time.
  • Does the compliance monitoring platform offer an audit trail of compliance and adequate reporting outputs to satisfy both internal stakeholders and regulators?
  • Does the compliance monitoring tool cater for the data protection buyer and offer compliance frameworks to operate in line with GDPR and NIST, and does it offer cyber risk management and cyber incident reporting to ensure a complete IT GRC solution.
  • Managing compliance using manual processes creates poor quality compliance data due to; a lack of data governance, data entry mistakes, copy & paste errors, over written data, and incomplete fields.
  • Manual compliance management processes result in disparate compliance data held in dispersed, unintegrated spreadsheets – creating poor quality data that results in distorted reporting outputs – fuelling poor decision-making.
  • Relying on manual processes without automation slows down the compliance monitoring process, resulting in areas of non-compliance causing significant risk.
  • Manual unformalized processes make it hard for firms to prove compliance due to a lack of cohesive documentation.
  • Disjointed processes and siloed data make it difficult to link compliance obligations to the relevant controls, policies, risks, audits, and incidents.
  • Firms are unable to compare compliance data across different sites due to inconsistent risk frameworks and siloed data. This makes it hard to provide proof of compliance across departments and sites.
  • A compliance tool improves regulatory compliance thanks to regulatory horizon scanning technology and automated change management workflows.
  • A compliance monitoring platform reduces potential compliance risks through proactive management of compliance related issues.
  • A compliance system produces automated compliance reports and promotes efficient record-keeping – providing adequate proof of compliance to regulators.
  • Compliance monitoring software automates compliance tasks such as monitoring, reporting, and auditing, reducing the administrative burden on staff and reducing human error.
  • Creates a compliant culture where staff understand and adhere to policies and regulations and attest to them online.
  • Compliance management software provides costs savings through reduced compliance monitoring costs and a reduction in compliance violations, fines, and penalties.

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