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Impacts of the New Privacy Act on New Zealand Organisations

What you’ll learn…

The new Privacy Act amendment, which is set to come into effect on the 1st of December 2020, will introduce some of the most significant changes to New Zealand ‘s privacy laws since the enactment of the Privacy Act 1993.

This session covers:

  • The changes in NZ Privacy which are impacting Government and Private Sector Entities and how LexisNexis regulatory content is there to help inform your compliance obligations.
  • How entities can use best practice GRC software with compliance content, to stay across the changes the enhancements to the New Zealand Privacy Act.

Tom Kerin

Global Head of Pre-Sales | Camms

As Head of Pre-Sales, Tom has worked at Camms for 5 years, helping customers bring their compliance management to life. Through his time at Camms he has developed a strong understanding of contemporary issues faced in modern business and understands todays need for organisations to be on top of their regulatory compliance requirements.


Kieran Seed

Senior Content Manager | LexisNexis

Kieran works at the intersection of compliance, law and content. Heading up the Regulatory Compliance content team, he helps customers understand and monitor their regulatory requirements.


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