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A Risk Manager’s Approach to Changing the Perception and Value of Risk

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A recent survey of 500 global board members by EY revealed that risk management today is not always aligned with business strategy and is too entrenched in the here and now – revealing just how little value is placed on risk management’s role in setting of company strategy.

Today’s commercial and economic environment demands that boards step up their game with an intense focus on risk management. Boards have the capacity to reframe their organisation’s approach to risk management, yet all too often board members focus on setting the big picture strategy, with risk and compliance working at a purely operational level.

So how can a risk professional help the board see the value of risk management; from a department of “no” to a department of growth?

Watch our on-demand roundtable with David Turner, Chief Executive Officer at RiskNZ, Regan Smith, Risk Manager at Hastings District Council, Karen Camron, GM of Safety and Business Risk at Main Power NZ, and Dean Rogers, Regional Sales Manager at Camms, as they discuss creating a blueprint for risk managers in New Zealand to educate their Boards on the value of risk. Learn why many organisations still don’t integrate risk & strategy, the benefits of adopting an integrated approach to risk management and gather insight on how to build a successful GRC function.

Karen Cameron

General Manager | Main Power New Zealand

Risk ownership must sit with the decision makers and the purse string holders. This is just one of the essential ingredients that Karen Cameron promotes when she is helping businesses build and strengthen their risk framework. Providing Boards and Executives with “the perfect measurement” of information is key to bringing them on the risk journey.


Karen has over 25 years’ experience managing risk in Major Hazard environments both in NZ and Australia primarily in explosives, manufacturing and the Utilities sectors (gas, water and electricity).


David Turner

Chief Executive Officer | RiskNZ

A senior business executive and a trusted advisor with over 20 years’ experience in the risk management industry, David brings a unique blend of expertise across diverse areas with a focus on risk management of human behaviour – one of the more complex, dynamic and often over-looked areas of the industry.

Regan Smith

Risk Manager | Hasting District Council

Regan’s transition into risk management has been a relatively recent occurrence. Triggered by a couple of significant events at Hastings District Council that highlighted the need for more effective identification and management of risk.
In Regan’s current role as the Risk & Corporate Services manager for the Council, Regan is responsible for leading the Councils enterprise risk management programme, including advising the Council on key areas of risk.

Dean Rogers

Regional Sales Manager | Camms

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of Governance, Risk and Compliance, Dean possess a deep understanding of key issues faced by the leadership team and strives to foster open conversation that focus on the business outcomes his customers require.

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