What’s new on the Camms website?

The Camms team have been working hard over the last few months to completely modernise our software offering – so it only seems right that we have a shiny new website to go with it! 

The new Camms website is now live, and we’re excited to share some of the highlights of what that means for you, our community. The website has been completely rebuilt from scratch on the latest technology making the site even more responsive and secure. This exciting project gave us the opportunity to modernise the look & feel of both the user interface and user experience – making it much simpler to navigate and enjoyable. Our new website puts GRC at the heart of our message and promotes a user-centric approach, emphasising solutions to address your biggest pain points, navigating through the core GRC use cases and showcasing the evolution of the breadth and depth of the Camms platform.  

Here’s a glimpse of the transformation from old to new.  

Product Navigation Restructure

Our product evolution has developed significantly over the years and our product naming convention was developed over time and in line with the growing breadth and depth of our solutions set, which was a more traditional product centric approach. However, we know that GRC professionals want to easily understand how our software can add value to them, in their day to day and longer term, so with the new website we’ve focused on use cases and capabilities for your ease of navigation and understanding of all the ways in which Camms’ single platform can we used and scaled in line with your needs.  

Updated Look & Feel  

It’s still the Camms platform you know and love, but we’ve enhanced the website design to reflect this more modern and fresher look of our technology with a real focus on user experience of the website. We want you to be able to really identify all the capabilities and benefits to the Camms platform, so we’ve looked at new ways to support this with updated visuals.  

Industry Focused Pages 

Another new addition to the site is the introduction of industry pages and accessible withing the new navigation menu at the top. This will help businesses across a wide range of sectors to understand how the capabilities of the Camms platform can support them to meet some of the more unique risk and compliance requirements relating to their industry.    

We do have clients in many other sectors, and we plan to add more pages in the future as the site continues to grow. 

ROI Calculator 

Securing budget for a GRC platform can be a challenge for risk & compliance teams. That is why our new website includes an ROI calculator to help teams demonstrate the value of introducing a GRC platform – in terms of cost, man hours, and efficiencies. Enter details around the number of risks & controls you are managing, and the hours involved in monitoring & reporting on risk – and find out how many hours and how much money you could save per month by implementing a GRC platform. Access the ROI calculator here. 

New Careers Page 

At Camms we strive to continue employ a diverse and highly skilled workforce and we value our culture and team collaboration. That’s why the website now includes a new careers page – giving applicants insight into what it is like to work at Camms. This area of the site will also host a job board with a list of open vacancies making it easier for us to connect with the new upcoming members of the Camms Team as they apply for available roles. Check out the Careers page here.


We hope you enjoy browsing the new site as much as we enjoyed creating it. We have transferred all the great content from the old site across – so you can still access all our existing blogs, webinar recordings, eBooks, and whitepapers.

Start browsing the new site today and find out more about how Camms can support your organisation to manage risk & compliance, achieve strategic objectives, and improve overall enterprise performance because if you think the website looks good, you should see the software itself by requesting a demo today!

Suzanne Degun

Chief Marketing Officer

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