Camms Named a Leader Once Again Across Three Categories in G2 Spring 2022 Reports!

It makes us proud when users share their positive experience with Camms on peer-to-peer review sites. Which is why we are beyond thrilled to be recognised as a ‘Leader’ in the GRC Platforms, Operational Risk Software and IT Risk Software category reports for Spring 2022 by G2, the world’s leading software review site. This recognition comes on the heels of Camms being positioned as a leader in all three of our core categories in the G2 Winter grid reports earlier this year.

GRC Platforms

IT Risk Management

Operational Risk Management

 We are also delighted to announce that we have been named as a ‘Contender’ for the first time ever in the Occupational Health and Safety category, signifying our growing market presence in this area.

Over one million people, including buyers and business professionals, visit G2’s site every month to read reviews of software and services. In a sea of ever-growing technological solutions, navigating to the best solution can be difficult. G2’s Grid Reports compare products in each category based on user satisfaction and market presence scores to help businesses to find the technology they need.

“This recognition is particularly gratifying because it reinforces our belief that we are succeeding in our mission to be the industry’s best and most innovative governance, risk and compliance solution on the market. It’s certainly a reflection of the cross-functional value our customers are seeing with our solution,” said Camms CEO, Warwick Kirby.

Here is a closer look at how Camms stacks up in the G2’s Spring 2022 reports across the four segments.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Platforms

When it comes to GRC platforms, one size most certainly doesn’t fit all – finding the right fit from a technology and relationship standpoint can make all the difference between a successful rollout and a painful experience.

Camms shines in the GRC platform category, not only because of our core functionality, ease of set up, and quality of support, but also due to our API integrations and our strategy capabilities which allow organisations to manage their goals and objectives alongside traditional risk & compliance capabilities.

This report positions Camms as one of the “Top 6 GRC providers” in the market. With an ’Excellent’ NPS score of 64, Camms shone in the GRC platforms category with end-users rating our solution 91% for professional services, 91% for corporate compliance, and 91% for action plans.

Other key satisfaction ratings where Camms scored highly in the GRC Platforms category include:

  • 96% Product is Going in the Right Direction
  • 92% Quality of Support
  • 90% Likelihood to Recommend
  • 90% Ease of Admin
  • 88% Ease of Use 

Find out how Camms compares to other GRC software platforms in these G2 comparison reports.

Operational Risk Management Software

Having landed another consecutive quarter as a ‘Leader’ in the Operational Risk Management category – our solution was rated in the top 3, with an ‘Excellent’ NPS score of 64, and 100% of user reviews indicating that the product is heading in the right direction.

Additional satisfaction ratings Camms scored in the Operational Risk Management software category include:

  • 94% of Quality of Support
  • 91% Ease of Doing Business With
  • 89% Ease of Use
  • 84% Ease of Admin

IT Risk Management Software

The right IT Risk Management solution empowers organisations to adopt a business-driven approach to managing and mitigating IT risks and protects the business and their customers from external threats.

The fact that Camms was awarded the ‘Leader’ badge in the IT Risk Management Software category in the Spring 2022 G2 Grid reports, reflects the benefits that customers are gaining from implementing a purpose-built IT risk solution.

Camms was rated as one of the top 7 solutions, with a ‘World Class’ NPS score of 82. 100% of user reviews successfully indicate that Camms is going in the right direction, while 94% rated Camms for quality of support.

Highlights of the satisfaction rating Camms received in the IT Risk Management Software category include:

  • 92% Ease of Doing Business With
  • 91% Likelihood to Recommend
  • 89% Ease of Use
  • 88% Meets requirements

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Finally, we are proud that Camms has been ranked a Contender for the first time ever in the Occupational Health and Safety category. This rating reflects how our users have grown in this area, so much so, that our solution achieved a World Class NPS score of 90, while 100% of users indicated that the product is going in the right direction. Additional satisfaction ratings include:

  • 95% Quality of Support
  • 95% Meets Requirements
  • 93% Ease of Admin
  • 93% Ease of Doing Business With

Camms User Reviews on G2

Here’s a snapshot of what users have written about the Camms solution!

“The integration process so far has been smooth, quick and extremely professional. The configuration files are easy to follow and help understand what is needed, all followed by a clearly stated project plan. If the final product is as good as the integration, our company has made the right call”

“Positive experience with user friendly product and good support provided. The standard reports available are suitable for an audience of senior leaders and are much more presentable and efficient than what we were doing manually. I have found the product to be user-friendly.” (view more)

“A much-improved consolidated approach to risk management. The ability to filter the risks with multiple options is also extremely beneficial in a large organisation.” (view more)

About Camms

The Camms solution provides a central point of oversight for all your risk and compliance requirements:

  • Risk ManagementEmbeds operational risk management into your culture, so you can identify, track and manage risk effectively. It provides comprehensive workflows for third-party risk assessments and ongoing monitoring.
  • Incident Reporting & MonitoringFacilitates incident management and near miss reporting in real-time and provides a comprehensive investigation process post-event.
  • Compliance ManagementAchieve effective compliance and regulatory change management, identify and address areas of non-compliance and provide an audit trail for regulators.
  • Flexible Registers & WorkflowsAllows you to eliminate spreadsheets and automate manual processes and create workflows.
  • Audit managementAllows you to schedule and manage internal and external audits and assess results and take the appropriate actions.
  • Cyber & IT risk managementEnsures that cyber risk is given visibility across all levels of your organisation and enables you to set up a control framework to be alerted of cyber risk.

On behalf of our team here at Camms, we’d like to thank our customers around the world! Your voices and feedback make us proud and inspire us to continue to grow and innovate on your behalf.

We are ready to help your business successfully mitigate risks, achieve revenue goals, streamline and automate processes, and accelerate your business strategy. To get started request a demo today!

Adam Collins

Our Chief Executive Officer uses his in-depth knowledge of the Camms platform to offer solutions that help our clients achieve their goals and improve performance

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