Camms & GK Horizons Camms partner to help organisations deliver Strategy, Risk and Project Management

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The largest implementation partner of Adaptive Insights in the APAC region, GK Horizons, are trusted by their customers across various industry verticals to improve not only their financial insights but their business agility and overall performance. 

In our recent introduction webinar, Matthew Grove, CEO of GK Horizons, and Aaron Mullins, our VP of Asia Pacific, discussed the importance of linking risk and strategy to an organisation’s balance sheet, budgeting, and forecasting, to improve accountability and the likelihood of a successful outcome.   

The strategy currently appears to be a one-off exercise that is conducted by one or two executives and passed down the organisations for implementation without much attention being paid to the alignment of the core components; that being the budget & strategy. To allow this to be a more harmonious process you must have collaboration and to enable collaboration you must have the right technology and this is where both Camms & Adaptive Insights can drive success.   

Within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, strategy and our approach to it has changed, and these changes need to be reflected in the aforementioned core components with a need for consistency and accountability.  

We would like to see the finance team heavily involved in the creation of strategy as well as the execution. This would align the strategy with the budget at its inception and through any changes that take place during execution. This is not the case for most companies, and this is the problem we will help solve with our Adaptive Insights solutions and the Camms solutions

Matthew Grove CEO, GK Horizons

Camms Solutions

A key strength of our solution platform is its ability to drive accountability in strategy, project and risk straight from the board room and the executive table. The cornerstones of the platform and the partnership with GK Horizons allows for the office of the CFO to be an enabler for change, drive and execute strategy across the organisation.  

Bringing the world of financial planning, budgeting and forecasting into our world of corporate performance management and strategy, goes hand in glove, and we are very excited to work on this partnership

Aaron Mullins Vice President, Asia Pacific Camms

The Camms COVID-19 Response Plan
How is Camms helping organisations through this crisis?

What Camms has found through our relationships with the broader executive and in particular Chief Risk Officers (CRO), is that there was a need for an independent recovery plan to address the changing risk landscape all organisations are currently facing. 

In response we have developed a COVID-19 Response Solution, leveraging several of our core capabilities, and is designed for rapid deployment. 

It offers two primary deliverables; 

  • Rapid driving of deliverables around how the organisation is responding to the changing risk landscape covering a myriad of actions and projects that are being implemented in the business for accountability, and to ensure the flow of feedback for organisations to stay nimble. 
  • Allowing executives and boards access to real -time information to make data-driven decisions, further ensuring that the right strategies are being implemented, monitored and reported on. 

Our key goal with this response plan is to help businesses respond to the current and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis, and then cast them on to viable recovery plans. Camms recognises that technology plays a role in ensuring accountability and visibility as they are key factors required in this current business climate.

Click here, to watch the recording of our webinar with GK Horizons.

Adam Collins

Our Chief Executive Officer uses his in-depth knowledge of the Camms platform to offer solutions that help our clients achieve their goals and improve performance

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