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The FinCEN Files: Financial corruption and complicity highlights need for cultural change

By Beau Murfitt |

Major banking institutions have been at pains to stress their determination to overhaul their ability to combat financial crime of late – following a string of high-profile corruption scandals. Unfortunately, these claims appear to be words without substance after a disturbing tale of leaked documents, dirty money, and international crime emerged – one that sounds … Continued

Public Sector: The tipping point of 2020 for organisational resilience

By Daniel Kandola |

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has completely blindsided society in 2020, with devastating effect. But was this cataclysmic event a black swan? It appears not. According to the National Risk Register – an overview of the risks of major emergencies that could impact the UK in the next five years – the threat of … Continued

Defence Sector: The tipping point of 2020 for organisational resilience

By Daniel Kandola |

What a difference a year can make. Cast your mind back to 2019: the global defence sector was on the offensive due to budget increases and military modernisation was the plan of attack, as growing security concerns forced governments to invest heavily in new equipment. So much so that international defence expenditure was forecast to … Continued

Financial Services Sector: The tipping point of 2020 for organisational resilience

By Daniel Kandola |

Successful organisational resilience relies heavily on the four sights: insight, foresight, oversight and hindsight. Unfortunately, anticipating and preparing for sudden disruptions is not an exact science –despite our best efforts, we can’t always accurately predict everything that will happen or be needed in the future. Take the medium-term trends forecasted by Deloitte for the financial services … Continued

Risk management: from spreadsheets to a cloud based solution

By Brad Smith |

Effective enterprise risk management has never been more critical. Organizations are faced with the challenge of managing an enterprise risk management approach that is agile and provides clear visibility of prioritised risks, critical controls and treatment actions to support rapid decision making. This is increasingly difficult to achieve through spreadsheet or other manual risk management … Continued

5 ways our customers are winning the battle against COVID-19

By Warwick Kirby |

McKinsey & Company published an insightful article in March 2020 – Beyond coronavirus: the path to the next normal. Kevin Sneader and Shubham Singhal stated, that to win the war against Coronavirus required action across five horizons: Resolve, Resilience, Return, Reimagination, and Reform. I have been amazed at how resilient and innovative our customers have … Continued

Managing global risks locally in 2020

By Brad Smith |

The impact of the massive global disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020 has been felt in virtually every organizsation, workplace, and household around the world. With or without an effective vaccine, the pandemic’s far reaching impacts will be felt globally for some time to come.  Global risks in 2020 WEF – Global Risks Report … Continued

From a spark to a wildfire: the cost of underreporting risk incidents

By Brad Smith |

We all know that reporting safety incidents in the workplace is essential to managing risk, but with the advent of COVID-19 the relationship between risk and incident has taken on a whole new meaning. The likelihood of a small spark leading to a wild-fire has never felt more real. And while we’re all still getting … Continued

A new look and an exciting new website!

By Camms |

Camms has continually evolved since we were founded in 1996! With nearly 25 years of experience in business software solutions, we have continually invested in making our software right for supporting organisations to achieve their goals. As we grow and continue to expand our presence and product offerings in new regions, it was a great … Continued

Camms accelerates its growth and expansion plans in North America guided by new President, Barbara Walker

By Camms |

Camms, a next generation provider of integrated solutions in risk, strategy, projects, and people is pleased to announce that experienced President, Barbara Walker has joined the organisation as the new President of North America. Barbara will lead the North American division by providing executive sales team leadership, while general managing and overseeing the development of … Continued

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