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From Paperwork to the Cloud: Digitisation of the Care Industry in North America

By Andrew Mercker |

The care sector has been put under the microscope in recent years, and the findings point to the need to create robust processes to ensure the quality of care to all customers using any form of care services. One of the paths which many organisations are going down to provide quality care is through harnessing … Continued

Digital Transformation of Strategic Risk Management and Data-Driven Reporting

By Andrew Mercker |

Today businesses are adopting digital technology at a rapid pace. While this is creating major opportunities for firms, it’s also creating new risks. Recently Camms collaborated with PRIMIA New York, to bring together three elite risk management practitioners for an engaging panel discussion focused on managing risks across global organisations. I spoke with them about … Continued

Risk Management: Striking the Right Balance to Keep Regulators Satisfied & Add Strategic Value

By Andrew Mercker |

Too often, risk managers are so focused on compliance-based mitigation & regulatory requirements, that they fail to see the bigger picture. This preventive risk management approach doesn’t add strategic value and risks that are worth taking to grow the company, can often end up being overlooked.  Recently, I sat down, virtually with Norman Marks, renowned, … Continued

Same Risks, Different Year? New areas of focus for GRC in 2022

By Andrew Mercker |

Now that the new year is off and running, GRC professionals are busy looking ahead to the new challenges we’ll inevitably face and the opportunities we’ll hopefully find, while also feeling the need to reflect upon key learnings from the previous year. While some may see the new year as simply a continuation of the … Continued

Camms Webinar Recap: Can ERM and ORM Work in Perfect Harmony?

By Beau Murfitt |

Effective enterprise risk management (ERM) is essential for any organisation’s success, owing to key factors – from the evolution of technology to shifting compliance, governance, and stakeholder requirements. Set against a backdrop of breakthrough technology, increased data availability, and new business models, a subset of ERM has risen in prominence: operational risk. According to the … Continued

Governance is the Backbone of an ESG Programme

By Adam Collins |

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues have accelerated into the corporate world since the concept was first coined in 2006.  This rapid rise stems from a more socially conscious consumer base and has been accelerated further by pledges from governments looking to guide businesses towards a more environmentally friendly future. Businesses need to find a … Continued

Tackling the Social Aspect of ESG

By Adam Collins |

Sustainable, long-term value creation must be a top priority for businesses when establishing a robust strategy. Take the all-important ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy for example: interest in how the private sector satisfies ESG concerns has grown exponentially as customers, investors, and regulators demand more transparency on how businesses impact society and the environment. … Continued

Putting the E into ESG with ISO14001

By Adam Collins |

Traditionally, a common misconception has pervaded the corporate world: making money is the main purpose of a business – a short-sighted view that holds little weight in 2022. Empowered by the internet, today’s ethically conscious society demands products and services that put people and the planet ahead of profits. This has prompted the revival of … Continued

Camms Positioned as a Leader Across Three Categories in G2 Winter 2022 Reports!

By Adam Collins |

The G2 Winter reports are out now, and we are thrilled to announce that Camms has achieved ‘leader’ status across three software categories; GRC Platforms, Operational Risk Management and IT Risk Management! This is the first time we have been positioned as a leader in all 3 of our core categories and we would like … Continued

Gambling With Compliance is a Risky Bet

By Andrew Mercker |

The gambling and gaming industry is built on taking risks. The thrill and excitement based on calculated risk taking & skilful gaming has fuelled a booming market: the global gambling and gaming industry is projected to reach $876 billion by 2026. But this growth would be impossible without a contrasting approach to risk-taking by the … Continued

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