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The Key to Successfully Integrating Your Planning and Risk Processes

By Beau Murfitt |

In today’s current business climate, both local and global events have the potential to significantly impact your organisation and how it operates. With the watchword for the contemporary climate being agility, the necessary steps to bring your organisation’s strategy and risk management aspects together can have a lasting benefit in securing the successful attainment of … Continued

Eight Red Flags That Indicate You Need a Better Risk Management Approach

By Yasith Fernando |

No matter who you are or where you work, risk management is relevant, even more so in today’s climate. Around the globe, businesses are experiencing change like never before. At the same time, new regulatory requirements are emerging to govern data privacy and to standardise common business practises. As businesses evolve and adapt to thrive … Continued

Was the Pandemic a Tipping Point for Women in Risk?

By Holly Butterworth |

The pandemic had a profound impact on risk management as teams were put under increased pressure to respond to the pandemic and new regulations were introduced. The pandemic put the spotlight on ERM and senior leaders began to see more value in the risk management function. The pandemic also exposed many of the glaring inequalities … Continued

Camms to Sponsor Women in Governance, Risk and Compliance Series 2021

By Camms |

Taking place virtually on the 13th of October, the upcoming Women in Governance, Risk and Compliance Series is on a mission – to shine a light on women who work in the GRC industry. The GRC function touches everyone within an organisation, and plays a pivotal role in its success. Unfortunately, women represent only 15-20% … Continued

Camms Debuts as a ‘Strong Performer’ in The Forrester Wave™: Governance, Risk & Compliance Platforms, Q3 2021

By Adam Collins |

We are delighted that Camms has been evaluated as a strong performer in The Forrester Wave™ Governance, Risk & Compliance Platforms, Q3 2021 in our debut appearance. Over the last 25 years, Camms has grown exponentially across the globe from APAC into EMEA and now thanks to a fast-growing new team we are offering the … Continued

Configuration Vs Customization: Why Not All Software Solutions Were Created Equal

By Andrew Cutter |

There’s a common misconception when businesses are implementing a new Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software solution that customization is the only answer to build a solution capable of meeting their unique requirements. This flawed view overlooks another option that allows them to make alterations in a robust, scalable, and dependable manner: configuration. But what’s … Continued

Camms.Risk named “Leader” in Operational Risk Management Software in G2 Fall 2021 Reports

By Adam Collins |

The latest round of G2 quarterly software category reports have been compiled for Fall 2021, and we are delighted to announce that Camms.Risk has been named as a “Leader” in the Operational Risk Management category, and a “High Performer” for GRC Platforms. Here at Camms, we value any feedback we receive from our client base … Continued

Chartis Research ranks Camms.Risk as ‘Leader’ in GRC Solutions Report

By Adam Collins |

Everyone likes to get recognition for their hard work – and at Camms we are no different. We don’t mean patting each other on the back saying “well done” all the time; we’re talking about the kind of recognition from the experts that can help businesses like yours to drive performance through improved governance, risk … Continued

Integrated Incident and Risk Management in the Aged Care Sector

By Brad Smith |

In recent decades Aged Care in Australia has become a large and complex system, with significant challenges at every level, including delivery, management or governance. The quality and safety of care varies widely across the sector, with confronting storeys of neglect, abuse and sub-standard services being widely reported in the media. This together with a … Continued

Excel-lent Reasons to Ditch Spreadsheets for GRC

By Andrew Cutter |

We seem to be living in a golden age of software. Applications have rendered almost every business function a more-efficient one, more consistent in following best practises, and more capable of producing data-rich reporting for executive decision-making. If you started a new job, you would most likely be surprised if they were not using a … Continued

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